Saturday, August 23, 2008

How is your Hurricane?

Mine is dandy.

I've had sneezes that blew harder.....and were wetter.

But by golly the folks around here are acting like it's another Ivan or Katrina. Gas lines into the highway, grocery stores running out of's been interesting. More than one story of a bank ATM running out of funds.

We are good. Smack on top of Mobile Bay so pretty dead center of the newest landfall. Let me just say I'm glad we are the 4th hit of this storm and not the 1st, we got the very softest hit of Fay. I'm glad for the slow rain, it's soft enough to soak in instead of running right off to the rivers. The breeze is enough to skeedaddle the dust out of my carport, but so so much as to blow the kids toys all over.

Wish I woulda mowed the lawn before this 4 day rain came tho......

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