Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Guess who is going to Pittsburgh?

Jessie has finally badgered me(heh heh) into coming over to her place for a gals weekend. I suspect there will be an overdose of knitting and graphic scenes of yarnage everywhere......

Mapquest says it will take 4 hours, 45 min which is a heck of alot less time than I had originally thought. I had no idea we were that close really. The train had me leaving from the detroit bus station in the middle of the night.....There is no way my DH was going to be okay with me going there. Last year, apparerntly, there were more than a couple murders and rapes there AT the bus stop itself. So, that was out of the question. I really had no idea it was that bad, but then I've been on a self imposed news black out for awhile. He actually looked at me like I had just grown a third head when I mentioned it. And then there is the idea of driving to toledo to get on a train that would still take 2 hours longer than if I just drove myself the whole way....well thats just silly. And frankly, who wants to get up to come pick me up at 5:30 in the morning anyway? We would all be tired and feelin wonky the rest of the day. No fun at all.

So, by reason of lucid thinking, I will be driving myself at a reasonable hour on Friday morning. I will be in full control of snacks, potty breaks, the radio AND run ZERO risk of having to deal with bratty kids screaming up and down the train. Wrangling my own kids is one thing, but other peoples lack of disipline over their yard apes drives me over the edge. One of the primary reasons for this little escape is to give me a break from my own darling ankle biters. I love them more than I can describe and in order to keep such a wellspring of joy in my heart for their cherubic faces, I need to drive 300 miles AWAY from them. 5 children, literally 24/7 ages 13 to 18 months old can really wear down the sanity of a mum if she doesn't get a chance to breath once in awhile. I will still get my baby fix in as lil Kendsie will be helping knit, but I am not her momma so just get the fun part for a nice change. As I sit here I am thinking about it and I do believe the last time I had a girls weekend was in 2002? Yeah, Its safe to say I am WAY overdue for this. Now I'm only stuck with what to bring! Yarn is a given, but which yarn? the cardigan? the tote? of course socks, but.........just cash so we can hit a yarn store? Mmmmmmmm wooooool I hear your siren call.....

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My new bag

After a 15 year hiatus from the sewing machine, I made this yesterday.

Seems the bobbin wars are not nearly as dreaful as I remember.................

Tote Exchange Fun stuff

Oh my aint it a good thing I read my swap partner’s blog–and she had her preferences tagged out nice and clearly for me. :-)

Anyway–if you be my partner–my apologies–I just found out about this–so here we go :-)

1. Are you a yarn snob (do you prefer high-end/natural fibers)? Do you avoid Red Heart and Lion Brand? Or is it all the same to you? I'm not real picky really. I've only been at knitting less than 2 years, so have not become a real fiber snob yet....though I did cringe at the acryllic feel on my skin. It was heap acryllic tho and I know there is super soft struff out there so...

2. Do you spin? Crochet? Nope. But I do cross stitch and sew. I'm not allowed to learn to spin until I get my current yarn stash in a more managable position ;-P

3. What other crafts or Do-It-Yourself things do you like to do? see #3

4. What is/are your favorite yarn/s to knit with? at the moment wool blends, hands down. I have discovered I am in love with Noros Iro and am working diligently on talking himself into letting me get a bag hehehehehe. Right now tho, I can't say enough good things about Philosophers wool. Mmmmmmm yummy stuff.

5. What fibers do you absolutely *not* like? I am not so keen on the novelty yarns. Freaky fur running rampant on my wool ;-P

6. What is/are your current knitting obsession/s? Socks and sweaters.

7. What is/are your favorite item/s to knit? I'm trying to master socks without needing a pattern along beside me. I know, I'm a dork.

8. What are you knitting right now? my cardigan, just cast on more socks and my partners tote

9. Are you a sock knitter? ohhhhhhh yus

10. What’s your favorite color? Or–do you have a color family/season/palette you prefer? Are there any colors you hate? favourite colours are purples, blues,reds and greens–I prefer bolder, more brilliant colours to pastels
I’m not very fond of bright neon shades

11. Do you have an Amazon or other online wish list? My AiG wishlist could damage the delivery womans back.....

12. Do you have any allergies? (smoke, pets, fibers, perfume, etc.)? Nope! Well.....dust and tree pollen, but whatchagonnado?

13. Do you have any religious prohibitions or restrictions? I'm a Fundie Christian. I'm not prohibited or restricted anything as much as I just don't care for things that mock God.

14. What’s your favorite scent? (for candles, bath products etc.). Eucalyptus and pine.....I know I know, you expected lavendar or something didn't ya?

15. Do you burn candles? regularly

16. Do you have a sweet or salt tooth? Savory everytime

17. Do you drink coffee, tea or cocoa? Coffee and tea, but more tea than coffee lately.

18. What is your family situation? Do you have any pets? Happily married, 5 kids, 1 chihuahua, 1 raddit, 12 fish.

19. What are some of your favorite things? knitting, books (all types usually, just not romance), sewing, belting out songs as loud as possible regardless of my location, watching kids playing in the snow,......more knitting

20. Is there anything that you collect? other than books–and yarn? Nope. My MIL keeps tying to get me to collect, but I have enough clutter. I'm more of a decollector :P
Actually thats not true, I love old movies.

21. What is your favorite holiday? Toss up between Easter and Christmas....and Thanksgiving....and the 4th of July.......

22. What is your birthday? March 2

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Zimmermann and whatnot

Today I aquired my first Elizabeth Zimmermann book 'Knitting Around'

Where oh where have I been that it took me this long to actually get a Zimmermann???? What a charming read, what fantastic patterns! What simple, elegant and yet sturdy logic of knitting fantasticalness! *swoon* I don't believe I have a large enough ready to use collection of positive adjectives to accurately describe how tickled I am. I've heard her name bantered about, but I really had no idea. Good stuff.

An lets not forget Dearest Himself who gave me the cash to go to the yarn store tho I have more than enough projects on the needles and a yarn stash of modest proprtions that logically could keep me happily in knits for the KFYS2007. I followed the knit from your stash rules and only purchased books so I'm still good ;) heh heh heh
I also scored 'Favorite socks 25 timeless designs by Interweave Press'. I think Jessie was being prophetic when she asked if I ever bought solid color sock yarn....*sigh*
Designs are fantastic, but it would get abit crazy and nearly self defeating when you only have self striping sock yarns.....ah well. I am going to be lifting a few of the cast on funky edges and use them for the cuffs on the sweaters I'm making for the kiddos *smug hopeful grin*

My Cardigan is plugging joyfully along. Yesterday I spent the afternoon over at Andrew and Sarahs house further proving I cannot knit, talk ,chase kids and follow a color chart at the same time. Can anyone see my HUGE flipping flaw? My gauge looks off, but its not. I cast on too many at the start *sigh* I am 12 over. I don't care, I'm not frogging LOL. I'm decreasing every 4 rows. Ultimately it should produce one arm with slightly more give in the elbow than the other.
Himself stared at it for a long time and pronounced it hardly noticable. Did I mention how well he is coming along? He actually said "You know, I wonder if it was too large at the cast on...." ;-O He is totally paying attention, and I do believe he will be knitting manly men type stuff in the not too distant future YeeeeeeeHaw! Nothing beats having a hubby with an intrest in the same activities eh? Of course this may mean stash lifting...........................oh dear! Better look into yarn lock up storage ;-D

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good Morning

Today I get to return to the dentist for my finished crown. Uhg. My teeth may be beautifully straight, but they are softer than salt water taffy in August. I don't think I have ever been to the dentist for cleanings or whatever and not heard him say I have got a new 'watch' going on in my mouth. *sigh*
Himself's smile might be a little crooked (I love it) but he has teeth almost as hard as his head. You know I'm praying that the kids got the best of the genetics, his hard teef, my straight choppers. We shall see.

One really cool thing about my sorrie's at the dentist's office is that I have aquired a reputation. I'm the "Knitter". I bring my socks in progress with me for the waiting rooms, and wear a swanky pair of hand knits for their enjoyment. Its pretty neat (for me anyway) how there are a few people who come out of their hidey holes "to see what Dana is doing this time". On one level its sad I'm there so often that in an office of 40+ hygenists, I'm known by my first name. On another level, dental insurance freakin rocks. I've had a couple requests for scarves and whatnot, only to gleefully counter with "why I'd love to teach you how to make one for yourself" heh heh
One Dental hygenist is going so far as to want to learn the noble art herself. She asks lots of questions and seems genuinely interested. I admit, its abit disconcerting to hear a woman who has speeding whirring medical tools in your mouth say things like "but I'm so clumsy with my hands" and "does it take alot of concentration? I'm terrible at concentrating on little fiddley things".
As freightening as she has been, she does really fantastic mouth work, so I've decided to put her comments into the *people with sadistic senses of humor* file....................for now. I'll get her number and invite her to the next knit night.

My new phone arrived and my momma called me this morning. Its weird how much closer I feel to her now even tho physically I'm a thousand miles away. She was on me about what to get the yahoos for their birthdays. We have the 3 oldest coming up in the next month. She is way better than I am about these things. I live with em, I'm with all 5 24/7 yet somehow never really sure of their exact wants. I think its the puberty factor. My 2 oldest are preteens and in that wonky stage of playing with legos, building super spy forts and bein kids one minute, to discussing apologetics and multidemesionalism with a freakish grasp on philosophy the next. (Homeschooling rocks)
My perfect middle child is much easier. He loves to play his drum set and build bionicle creation/mutations. I'm thinking about putting him on the local lego team, I think he would really glow in that atmosphere.
But back to point, WHAT do I get the older two? The local skate park I was going to get them year passes too has been shut down by the state (EEP!) for contamination. They already have their new skateboards........maybe we could buy the classroom a new computer so they can build bigger and better games? Heck, at this point I think they would just be happy if we got the living room remodel finished so they would stop having to share a bedroom. L's amp takes up a ton of space and A keeps aquiring furniture.....hmmmmmm

You know...that last bit is not a bad idea at all. They would be happier with their own space and we could hook them up with new somethings to decorate the return of private bedrooms.......Yep. I think thats the ticket.
As for me, I need to go get a shower, some more coffee and straighten up the house abit. MIL is coming over to watch the shorties and I hate not having a neat and tidy house when people arrive. *double sigh* Have I mentioned how untidy 5 children can be?

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Utterly brilliant. I'm LOVING this.
In one day (one WHOLE day), I created this with my own two hands. *sniff* Yes folks, thats the entire sleeve.
I changed up the cuff a little, but hey, I gotta make it my *own* right?
This knitting is getting out of hobbyland and developing into full on obsessionville. My stash is growing faster than I can comprehend (not complaining) and I am literally dreaming of new knit projects to start next.
My Debbie Bliss tangerine arrived and I'm absolutely snockered on what to make with it. It could turn into core stash. Just makes me happy to look at it you know?

My very first Noro arrived. PHOAR I love this stuff. Going to use it for the tote exchange, lovely lovely stuff indeed. I really must aquire a ball winder........

Friday, January 19, 2007

YeeeHaw I think I got it!

My PW order finally came and I spent ALLLLLLLLL day trying to wrangle my hands into learning how to knit colorwork. I'm so tickled. I made this lil sock purse in one day and I am pleased as punch :D

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ebears Red Letter Day

Today folks is a real big deal.
Today the youngest man POOFED IN THE POTTY alllll by himself.
It was even his idea.
A photo reinactment for posterities sake:
Here we are in bottom to top order: washing our hands
charming the camera
He REALLY wanted to have a picture of his tongue(boys *sigh*)
Of course that means Princess wanted to show her tongue
And last we have the reproduction shot. You know I'm not working with professionals here folks, but he did manage to hide that he kept his bog boy pants on for this picture, and Princess the art director really wanted in on this too.

My kids are so stinking cute. Even the older ones LOL.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wade showed up

Well whaddaya know! Someone other than my knitting enabler read my lil blog!

Wade, I have no idea what a button is.
How to add one.
should I push it, or just pull it through the hole?
What is this juju you speak of????

I have a kid pic for ya:
This is the youngest about 2 days ago, can you believe the amount of juice on her shirt????????
I'm a wretched mother,or at least one that has 5 kids and is SO over the perfect kid picture ;-D

These Socks were made for Swapping

Oh no he did not!

This could get very ugly.

What is he thinking cutting off her fresh yarn supply? Does he not realise that fresh, new yarn is like oxygen to a knittin fool? I mean, I know and you know, we've all gone just a little too far over the edge every now and then, a ball here, a skien there, a flock of shetland as yet unharvested but set in reserve in scotland.......but no more new yarn ever?
A total 'knit from stash' diet with no end date?
Thats just cruel man, cruel.

Himself was reading over my shoulder when the poor wretch broke the news. At first he thought she was kidding, but quickly saw that this was, indeed, a tragic blow. He was shocked at first...stunned really. Even he knows nothing good can come from yarn depravation. I am so flippin greatful I started educating him when I did. *whew*

It was a Yarn Harlot story here and there, asking him to remember a couple stitch numbers for me, you know, involving him in my knitting in such a way that he wasn't feeling trapped or comitted. Wowing him with the speed of a long tail cast on, and asking him what he thought on every little pattern that was kinda neat. I knew he wasn't that interested, just trying to humor me, but subtly, slowly like the post man with your coveted cardigan kit (who will never friggen get here) it made its way into his brain.
He started looking over at what I was doing "Hey, you are making 1 there aren't you?" and "That looks like a yarn over" all the way into "Honey, I bought you these needles! Look! They light up! Size 10 is what you needed right?"

I knew it would happen, I just didn't know when. I'm good at reading him and bringing him around to see my point of view, but really, it was the knitting that belted out its siren call and he fell like a ton of merino. Softly and in a cute cuddly fluffy pile waiting to be taught and spun into another knit freak.

When I finally knew he understood, that he 'got it' was when my Fair Isle Knitting Simplified book arrived.
I brought it to bed with me after the kidlets were tucked in, and was turning pages, sighing at the patterns. I looked over at him and said "you know darlin', you will never believe how these sweaters got here! Mushrooms!"
And I started reading the story out loud to him. By the next night HE was looking at the book when I came in and I saw my moment.
"Would you read to me some so I can knit and listen?"
He agreed and its been bliss since then. Real bliss...I'm knitting him a debbie bliss aran sweater and he is actively watching me and the pattern emerge.

Life is good for me...

but back to my poor poor tragic friend......this may be just cause for an intervention with her hubby. She needs help. He has no idea how much damage she could do with all those needles and nothing new to stick em in!


Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh that child of mine

I love her. Yes I do. She lights up my world and after half a dozen boy childs, I had no idea a baby girl would be so incredible. Nope I didn't.


Her facination with mrflushie has got to stop.
Last Thursday she attempted to test the bouyancy of her fathers cell phone and discovered black expensive cell phones sink. After much wailing, moaning and not a little bit of impish laughter, I ordered DH a new phone. (Thank the Lord I actually DID get the insurance this time!).
We went about the house discussing with all the other short people that live with us how important it was to start shutting the bathroom doors. Little sister was getting WAY too interested in these water shenanigans......and frankly my hands are getting a bit rough from bleaching out the bathrooms a couple times a day "just in case".
--I can hear my mother laughing wildly in the tune of 'She's just like you'

So after everyone was thourougly educated on the perils of potties and little sisters, we foolishly thought the problem had been nipped in the bud. Two days go by and all is well. I only have to defend my knitting from lil miss unravels clever paws. *sigh*

Joy of Joys, gramma calls! We love gramma! Gramma is always laughing and is a delight to talk to, yessir she is. I talk to her abit, then oldest boy on down the line. At one point the 3 year old boy hangs up on her and we need to call back, no problem. So 8 year old boy is chatting and (apparently) as he is saying his love/kisses/goodbye who but the little phone troll waltz's up. With hands outstretched, and a rather largish crocodile tear in eye, she asks for the phone so she can talk to the gramma.
Clearly, the 8 year olds brain has short circuited in the last two days and all admonition of "Do NOT give her the phone" went completely out his left ear. I suspect it was the croc tear that did him in.
Anyway, he kindly gives his beloved sister the phone to which she smiles gleefully, jabbers to gramma and the ruuuuuuuuns to the bathroom. SPLOOSH!!!! slam dunk. Baby scores 2 points, telephone, zero. It was a massacre. The telephone population in this house has now been completely wiped out. These was much moaning and groaning to be heard.

So here we are today, incommunicado with exception of the 'puter. Dearest Husband is calling the phone insurance people today from HIS place of work (where her phone demolishing ways have not yet reached). He managed to score an upgrade when I called his replacement in as they were out of the color he needed, I wonder if I get the same luck?

I'm hoping my Philosophers Wool cardigan kit comes in today. Ordered it last Sunday and was on my toes the whole week waiting for delivery. I am a tad bit scared, I mean, I've been knitting less than two years, and the most complicated thing I have ever completed was a pair of socks knitted from the toe up. However, after reading Yarn Harlot I have decided she is absolutely right. No matter how complicated the pattern, it really is only two stitches I must manipulate.
So tho it may take me a million years to do that cardigan, by golly I'm gonna try!

I have the tote exchange to turn to when I need a break, and for really really straight knit fixin' I always have a sock in progress......................

Must get more coffee, Ciao

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Okay, its day two

And I have a bit less than no time to try to figure out this electronic nuttiness. I'll see what I can cobble after church ;-D

Coffee. Wheres the darn coffee?


Saturday, January 13, 2007

Oh good grief what have I done?

I'm blogging. Lord o Lord what has happened to me? I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing so will be completely dependant on the kindness of strangers to walk me through this digital land.


Where are youuuuuuuuu????