Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh Hai

Bible for the Kittahs


Romans 1:
Paul Sez Hai

1 Dis r a letr frum Paul cuz Ceiling Cat askt me tells about teh Gud Nuuz.2 R teh same Gud Nuuz dat Ceiling Cat sed a long tiem ago in teh holi skripchurs.3 Teh Gud Nuuz r about teh Baybeh Jebus, who huz grate grate grate grate grate grandson uf King David,4 an we can knows he r teh son uf Ceiling Cat cuz he wuz ded, then zomg, he r alive.5 So Ceiling Cat ses we haf to tell evrbdy wat he did, an then they can obeh.

6 An Jebus, he r callsing all uf u.7 I is writing to evrybdy in Rome who Ceiling Cat luvs. An may Ceiling Cat gives u cheezbrgrs an u can has cookiez.

8 Furst, I thx to Ceiling Cat for u. Evrbody ses u has gud faith.9 If teh sun r up, or teh moon r up, I pray for u always an Ceiling Cat heers me cuz I srvs him and tells teh Gud Nuuz.10 An I prays to go see u all11 cuz I wants to hang out an halp u srv Ceiling Cat.12 An then I can halp u an u can halp me.

13 I tryed to visit u lots of tiems but I never cud. Monorail Cat was deraild an stuffs. But I wants to!14 Becuz even if ur stoopid, or if ur smrts, I haf to halp u.15 So I wants to go 2 Rome an tells teh Gud Nuuz.

16 Am not emberess uf teh Gud Nuuz becuz it meens Ceiling Cat has invisible powerz.17 An then if we has fayth then Ceiling Cat ses we r gud. An that r like teh skripchurs sed, "Gud ppl haf life thru fayth."

Yeah. Go read for yourself.


Friday, June 27, 2008

sock pouch come home


I can not find my original first generation MessieCraftie sock pouch anywhere. It is yellow with flowers and butterflies outside, pink paisley on the inside. Blue cord, clear clasp. It has half a knit sock mate in it, with my favorite DPN sock needles.....I am bereft.

Under the couch? No.
In the car? No.
In the diaper bag? No.
In my room? No.
In the kids room? No.
At my moms? No.
At my XN laws? No.
At the bay house? No.
In the freezer? No.
In the green house? No.
In the twilight zone? Most likely.

I last knit with it in my van and it's just disappeared with half of Ethan's sock in it. I'm hoping it'll come home from it's adventure soon, I miss it.

Yay Steve

My Uncle Steve is in town YaaaaaaaY!
I love my uncle Steve. He is a giant goofball. Loves his family, loves his girls. I'm one of em. He was 17 when I was born and he lived with mom and I for awhile when I was little. I was his #1 girl for 12 years until he had his oldest daughter. Yeah, I was jealous, but only half heartedly lol.
Steve has a penchant for being a lot of fun for us kids. He was the one with the best ghost stories, the one that sneaks us chocolate, the tickle monster no one could take down, he was and is the best. He was the one who tried to kill us on home made boogie boards that he's pull behind his boat. One such great invention was the "Zip Sled" of 1985.
Picture a giant sheet of plywood (6 foot by 10 foot I think) and we cut it lengthwise down the center. That gave us 3 feet of board space to perch on with 10 feet to fit us all on there. It was 3 of us. Shaun, Wade and myself.
About the first 3 or 4 feet of the board didn't count because it had to stick out above the water. We drilled a set of holes for the ski rope to attach to, and a whole other set for a different rope for a handle to hang onto. Smart, eh?
Lord as my witness it's a flat out miracle we did not all die.
He pulled us with a speed boat...... keeping in mind that the zip sled was not constructed with aero or water dynamics. Flat hard edges at 90* angles. We became adept at turning the dastardly thing with weight shifts timed with the waves. We didn't see all the waves. It was an insurance providers nightmare and we really did have a fantastic time on it. Got good enough to start doing tricks, like getting on each others shoulders, making a pyramid. In one spectacular bust up, I got a wedgie that I think thought had killed me dead. Going one bazillion miles an hour on an unlicensed piece of plywood gets a wee bit tricky on the turns.
On the upside I only managed one chipped tooth!

That summer was pretty awesome. One of those summers you really thought was going to be around your whole life.

Now Steve is a little older, but really no different. He has a better boat, and a better idea of how not to disfigure the children in his care. Now it's my children's turn to get to go play with Uncle Steve, and I gotta say it makes me pretty darn happy. I saw him today at my moms and his face just lit up. He grinned either with joy or with maniacal glee at the sound of hearing we would be joining him for the 4th of July. His daughters are not quite as into the rough and tumble of the boat anymore being prim, proper and fashion conscious like only college girls can be. But me? His first girl? Yeah I never grew out of it and I love that I get to share some of my childhood fun with my own brood.

We all need Summers with Uncle Steve memories.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hey there buddy if yer reading

I'm ready for you to come home. I miss you. The kids miss you. I can't knit straight. The lawn misses you. The mail. The garden. The house has stayed way too clean...(except the powder incident). The shed is lonely.

Yeah it's time for you to come home.

But not if you are flying this airline.




The diversity in religious beliefs and practices in the U.S. in part reflects the great variety of religious groups that populate the American religious landscape. The survey finds, for example, that some religious groups – including Mormons, Jehovah’s Witnesses and members of historically black and evangelical Protestant churches – tend to be more likely to report high levels of religious engagement on questions such as the importance of religion in their lives, certainty of belief in God and frequency of attendance at religious services. Other Christian groups – notably members of mainline Protestant churches and Catholics – are less likely to report such attitudes, beliefs and practices. And still other faiths – including Jews, Buddhists, Hindus and Muslims – exhibit their own special mix of religious beliefs and practices.

As much as I hate it, this really is a nation of 'pick and choose salad bar religion'. What point is there in having faith if you do not believe everything about what you say you believe? Throw out anything you just do not like and that makes the whole shebang come up worthless. Believe or do not believe, just beware of sitting on that fence and becoming lukewarm.

I only bring it up because one person I love very much honestly believes that anyone who calls themselves a Christian is automatically in their Bible everyday. Learning the truth from the untruth, what it is to be different, set apart. In the world, not of it. There is so much deception in the world today, about many religions and faiths, with Christianity leading the pack. Piles of false teachers, false churches, false priests, false pastors, heaps of books that sound good but teach self absorption over self denial, so many hypocrites giving bad examples(I do not exempt myself from this crowd-none of us are perfect). Basically what I'm trying to say that overwhelmingly the REASON there is so much deception is because Christians are NOT in their Bibles at all. They just are not. For whatever reason 'oh it's too complicated for me' or 'thats my pastors job and he will tell me' or my personal favorite 'if I read something in there that tells me I can not do what I want to do then I wont be able to live my life my way anymore' I.E:Ignorance is bliss.

You know it has gotten bad when even the secular world has noticed our new enlightened way of picking and choosing what we believe from the one book we are supposed to call Holy.

Just sayin


Thursday, June 19, 2008


We just returned from the bay house. Spent the last week building a new pier and sweating our tukusses off. It will be lovely to have that pier for the wedding tho, so I'm glad we did it. Just sent Leo and Gabe off to Hawaii for a month (twerps) and am down to two very short cute blond people in the house. It's weird only cooking for 4 instead of 7. Especially when two of the eaters only make a combined meal of one, so it's like cooking for 3. For instance, last night I was sauteeing some eggplant from the garden for our burgers right? I thought I did well snapping off two smallish ones. Ended up with a pile of them because it slipped my mind that the two babies wont eat em, and Daddio was only going to eat a few to make me happy. *sigh* Worked out tho because I can't have bread (Helllooo Atkins). But still. Getting the hang of not feeding an army is something else! My teenage locusts are not here and that is just stumping my cooking.

Wedding you say? Oh yeah. Well el hubbo and I are renewing our vows. He always hated that my family was not there when we got hitched in the Little White Wedding Chapel in the strip mall of Northville MI. Over and over he said he wanted to renew the vows on our 7th anniversary to thwart the 7 year itch. I had assumed he was kidding. I assumed incorrectly lol.

Jeez, how long was I gone this time?