Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Edward is my Doy...only my Doy is better looking....just sayin'

My girlfriend Brandi turned me onto the love story of Twilight, and I promised my Doy I would lay off politics for a I got enmeshed into the saga of Edward and Bella from Twilight

My Doy....he is just as fascinating as the eternal Edward for many reasons, but mostly because he is deliciously human and not a vampire. HA! One really relevant difference is Doy can read my mind. In my eyes Doy is blessedly human enough to make mistakes, and apologize, but not let his past mistakes color our future, especially when he has been forgiven....and has, continues to forgive/laugh at and continues to wink at my own fallibleness. He knows me and knows he has nothing to worry about. How incredible is that feeling for me to know that he trusts me to just be me, and know that I am his and his alone. It truly is freedom in marriage, it is incredible, and I am still wrapped up in his love for me after 7 years.

Still, the incredible love story that Twilight is, resonates because I am His Bella Like Doy is My Edward. It's a forever and then some way of life. Simply put, he is the main pole of the tent that is my life. Without him I could function, but only would survive for the sake of those that need me.

It is Forever and.........well........... however long that takes.