Wednesday, August 15, 2007


I need to knit

I need to knit badly.

My nerves are getting freyed.

I can't knit. I get too busy...I have too too much to's a bounding case of hurry up and wait.

I'm going to just say "Ta heck with it" and finish off the kitchen and anything else that crosses my path. I can't sit still, them boxes start closing in on me, and there are still so many boxes that need to be filled.

(I thought Yo was bringing me the dump trailer this morning arrrrrgh)

Okay. Dana, just chill. It'll be okay. Worse case scenario you can beat everyone with your unpacked yarn until you feel the stress is relieved. Yes, yarn abuse is frowned on, but sometimes you have to do the unpleasant things in order to keep the peace(s of your mind from flaking out).


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