Sunday, August 26, 2007

We made it

Well last Sunday we loaded the kiddos into the assorted vehicles at 3 AM and rolled out of Detroit. All those rains that closed down the highway in Ohio and caused massive flooding were directly over us. Thankfully we managed to remain on the lead of the storms and avoided all the craziness.....unless you count the craziness that was inside the car. Lil Princess was absolutely convinced that the car seat of doom was out to get her. Mad as a wet hen about that.
21 hours later we rolled into the Bay House exhausted but very glad to have made it injury free. At one point in Ohio my eyes were falling out of my head so we pulled over to have a power nap. About 12 hours after that we pulled into another rest stop in Alabama so Himself could take the same power nap.
For the record, I really do not like Red Bull. Starbucks double shot espresso however is a fabulous beverage.
After a brief sleep we got right back up to go unload the moving truck into storage and then my Mister had to go BACK up to Cincinnati. ugh. He stopped in Birmingham to get some real sleep at least.
The little kids are wondering at what the heck is going on. One day ALL these people from church showed up and stole everything in their house, then they had to drive for a million years, and now they are at that place they kinda know from vacation in July, but their Daddy is totally missing. Very confusing. The older boys are totally bummed that their schoolbooks survived the move, and on top of that, mom even remembered to bring them and not put them in storage. Muhuwahahahahahaa

Still no internets for me really (today I'm at my moms) and I'm getting piles of knitting done. Now for the bad news. One hundred umpitty million moths got into my stash at some point during the move. One the upside I have a ginormous upright freezer that all the yarn went into as soon as the moths were found...on the downside, I have no idea what to do. I'm really very sad. We have no local yarn shops down here (hellloooo business opportunity I hear ya knocking) and without my internets, I got no way to replenish once I figure out what the moth damage ends up being. Dirty little scumbags. My gut tells me it's the PW cardigan that got the worst of it (sob)

And how are YOU?


Jess said...

SO glad to hear you made it and all is well... except for the moths? OH dear. I will try and research for you. I have heard the microwave is also helpful in killing eggs/larvae. stick it in the mic then the freezer...

knittygurl said...

I'm happy to hear that you made it safe and (mostly) sound! I think that moth damage should be covered in some kind of insurance policy, don't you? :)

purple goddess said...

Hey there, you!!!!

kitheth for all of you from Auntie Purple~~~

Jess said...

Whew! You made it! I've been missing you online, but I am so gald to hear you are safely home. :)