Friday, March 14, 2008

So my dearly beloved has announced that there are peoples out there that want to buy my hats.
On one hand I am totally flattered. I put alot of effort into them, and I do try to not repeat a pattern so every one is unique. At the same time, I have only made them for my family and Jess (though she still hasn't gotten it sheesh).
What happened was my Handsome One went off to work somewhere in the snowbound states. He could not find his hat(s) so swiped my 10 year olds. As he went through the front office one of the gals stopped him and admired it. The next day she asked if I would make her one.
Now you must understand that in knitting circles we do swaps like no bodies business, so I assumed she wanted to swap hats. I make her one, she makes me one. A very cool way to share creativity. A week later I hear that she does not knit. No, she wants to BUY my hats. Then informs himself that she has other interested people as well. Sweet Onion Chutney I can make yarn money!
I need more patterns! I need more yarn! I need to figure out just what the heck to charge??????

Oh, and then there is the whole: figure out how to get past my onry nature. I have this really annoying, but predictable, thing in my psyche. It keeps me from going with any tide that is presented to me. A contrarian nature perhaps? Now that someone wants to pay good money for my knitting fetish results, I am finding it hard to want to knit.
I do this all the time. Like my whole life I've done this. Will wear anything that is NOT the fashion, will choose anything that is not mainstream anyday. This often leads to interesting positions in my life.

So back to the hats. I want to make some cool hats, get a selection together and send em up. Suggestions on patterns? Yarn? What is the appropriate charge?



Linda said...

Take a deep breath. Choose colors and patterns that keep you entertained. Remember- the knitting is still for your enjoyment, it's just the final product that's for sale. And whatever you do, when deciding on price, don't sell your work short!!

Best of luck!

Doy said...

I don't know who you are linda, but PREACH IT SISTER!!!!!!

See there hon, it's all about the knitting. And you won't have to wonder about where to store finished products. It's a winning situation all around :D

Jess said...

You can do it!!! Hang in there.