Thursday, April 3, 2008

Caterpillar hunt!

Be vewy vewy quiet. We are stawking callerpillars........

Caterpillars are very sneaky. They have great camouflage. Such bright colors. Looks like a crazy amount of eyes peeping up at you from a branch I think.

So so fuzzy. At first we thought they were spikes that would impale our little fingers like sticker bushes! But no, the little bug was fuzzy like our bunny. Look at how beautiful she moves with her feathery skirt.

When we first started talking to her she got very very still. Pretending she was a blade of grass, or some such. The quieter we were, the less scared Caterpillar became and we discovered she was friendly. Tried to give moms camera a kiss. You can not play with them cause they are fragile. No pet caterpillars, no petting caterpillar, no poking *sigh*

Not good for much these fuzzy bugs, but good gravy they are mighty tasty!

*no caterpillars were actually eaten for this post


Jess said...

Aww! I missed this post. The Evie looks so cute! Did you get a new camera? Your photos rock lately.

Lori said...

Hunting caterpillars is the most exciting thing my kidoos do in the spring time! And then it's on to the frogs and lizards, hee,hee!