Thursday, April 3, 2008

Garden fresh

First up, we have the romaine lettuce. This is one of two window boxes packed with several plants each. I'm going with the competitive space theory......not really. When I planted my seeds I really didn't expect them ALL to sprout:

Dozens of tomato plants with a couple of spinach sprouts in there.....I really gotta learn how to can now I guess. Big beefys and romas. Everyone in my family (except el hubbo) eats tomatoes off the vine, tomato sammiches, tomato sauces.........maybe I should plant more? Green house smells SO good when I water these baby's.

Yellow squash. This plant grows like something out of a Stan Lee comic I swear!
Parsley you succulent green garnish and soup spice rawr!

And cilantro. The latin rumba, the passionate tango of the herbal spices. Zinc out the wazoo here....look at how it beckons you......


Last but certainly not least, the beautiful, but poisonous, Azaleas in my yard........

lets not eat the flowers 'k kids? ;)


Jess said...

Oh that all looks so yummy! (even the Azaleas!) I also enjoy a good tomato sandwich. Toast, butter, and tomatoes. It has to be one of my favorite things!
You inspired me to plant some herbs and spinach. We planted them yesterday! Thanks. :)

Desiree said...

Your garden is growing beautifully! And you definitely should learn to can with all of those tomatoes :-) It's a lot easier to can than it looks.