Thursday, June 19, 2008


We just returned from the bay house. Spent the last week building a new pier and sweating our tukusses off. It will be lovely to have that pier for the wedding tho, so I'm glad we did it. Just sent Leo and Gabe off to Hawaii for a month (twerps) and am down to two very short cute blond people in the house. It's weird only cooking for 4 instead of 7. Especially when two of the eaters only make a combined meal of one, so it's like cooking for 3. For instance, last night I was sauteeing some eggplant from the garden for our burgers right? I thought I did well snapping off two smallish ones. Ended up with a pile of them because it slipped my mind that the two babies wont eat em, and Daddio was only going to eat a few to make me happy. *sigh* Worked out tho because I can't have bread (Helllooo Atkins). But still. Getting the hang of not feeding an army is something else! My teenage locusts are not here and that is just stumping my cooking.

Wedding you say? Oh yeah. Well el hubbo and I are renewing our vows. He always hated that my family was not there when we got hitched in the Little White Wedding Chapel in the strip mall of Northville MI. Over and over he said he wanted to renew the vows on our 7th anniversary to thwart the 7 year itch. I had assumed he was kidding. I assumed incorrectly lol.

Jeez, how long was I gone this time?

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Jess said...

I had no idea you were renewing vows. Nice!!! Dan and I want to do that for the same reasons.