Friday, June 27, 2008

sock pouch come home


I can not find my original first generation MessieCraftie sock pouch anywhere. It is yellow with flowers and butterflies outside, pink paisley on the inside. Blue cord, clear clasp. It has half a knit sock mate in it, with my favorite DPN sock needles.....I am bereft.

Under the couch? No.
In the car? No.
In the diaper bag? No.
In my room? No.
In the kids room? No.
At my moms? No.
At my XN laws? No.
At the bay house? No.
In the freezer? No.
In the green house? No.
In the twilight zone? Most likely.

I last knit with it in my van and it's just disappeared with half of Ethan's sock in it. I'm hoping it'll come home from it's adventure soon, I miss it.

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