Monday, July 7, 2008

4th weekend 2008

Fantastic :D

Wade and Family will be making it for the nuptial repeat this summer! Yes! I wanted them to be here but totally understood if travel expenses were too high (read: gas prices). Their attendance just makes my whole day. Carrie is going off to California with Patrick, and Steve will be on the work boat. Patty will be there with Monica I think. Diane and Scott are coming with their boat for tubing purposes. Man, tubing this 4th proved that I am no longer 16. Also proves that I need to get out on the water more often to get in shape. It's too hot to walk around outside these days, so water exercise is definitely the way to go.

Really miss the kids. It's so quiet around here without them. Hardly any laundry and the food I bought last week is still around! That has not happened in years.

Our 4th of July was absolutely fantastic. Blew up 2.5 hours worth of fireworks. We dominated the beach this year. Neighbors on both sides tried to keep up with the challenge, but the last hour were just cheering us on. LOL. Took quite a while to do the clean up the next morning, but completely worth it. In case the kids are reading this, YES we still have a whole box just for you guys when you get home. And yes, we will be getting more heh heh.
I'll ask the Hubbo if he will do a guest post about the canons he made.................

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