Monday, July 7, 2008

Going green, and I don't mean eco-green

I mean green from being force fed all this junk science like it's holy writ.

From movies, to every blasted show on tv. Now it's smeared all over magazines....and it's simply crazy. What happened to peoples logic? What happened to their memories? When did opinion become fact in Science? Why does it appear that people have forgotten to follow the money whenever new campaigns start up?

Take the early 1980's. My teachers were completely assured that by the time we were adults, we would be living in an ice age, but it would not matter because we would all be too sick to go outside because of all the mercury in our drinking water. Fluorescent bulbs were the evil of evils because they contained the brain damaging mercury and when filling up landfills, allowing the poison into our groundwater. DOOM! DOOM! DOOM! Now, you are the antichrist if you do not have them in every light socket of the home.

Seriously, what is going on with people today? If we were to believe the propaganda, it looks like people are not sheep, but lemmings. Taking care of our planet is noble, worthy and an act of good stewardship. But swallowing every green piece of balonga is not going to help anyone. Including the planet.

Lets dismiss the insanely high emissions in Mexico, Russia, Iran, really all of the middle east and China where there are no save the planet programs, lets just talk about the USA. Take volcanoes for example. One volcano erupting for 24 hours puts out more green house gas and particle emissions than the entire USA puts out in a year. At any given moment we have upwards of 20 going off world wide. But it's the soccer mom in the SUV that is the cause of glaciers melting? Not the volcanoes erupting directly under the glaciers???? Get a grip people.

The Earth has a natural cycle of warming and cooling. This is why we had a mini ice age a few hundred years ago: BEFORE the evil empire of the USA drove cars and worked in factories. In our written histories we can see patterns of the Earth warming, and then cooling, of dry spells and long wet seasons. No where, at no time has there ever once been an time when the Earths climate was stable year to year with zero change. The planet is a living ecosystem, not a machine that can be tweaked into behaving by a few humans changing light bulbs. Contrary to Al Gore's newest money making sci-fi talk, things like acid rain have been around much longer than verbacious politicians. The systems in place on this planet to moderate itself is far greater and far more powerful than mere humanity can control. Certainly the planet can react to our actions, but we certainly do not control any of it. Earth quakes were around before deep mining, tsunamis occurred before underwater explosions. Hurricanes plowed over these shores centuries before people were too cocky to believe they did not need to get out of the way. Tornados were tearing paths in the woods before towns. It's nature, not a political platform.

Recycling is a good thing. Alternative energy sources is a good thing. Turning food into fuel is a bad thing. We have hungry people in this country and it's absurd to waste edible food and create higher food prices because we are trying to get off oil. Oil, as it turns out is not restricted to long periods of time to make(1 and 2). We should totally be drilling for our own in addition to coming up with ways to be more efficient. Do a search on Thermal Depolymerization if you are curious.

And for the love of sanity, would someone in hollywierd please stop this gang-greenous junk science pushing tomfoolery? Enough already. I'll get my science, my political views, my history, my morals and my opinions from my own educated sources. Hollywierd is for entertainment purposes only.

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