Friday, May 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

Now, Jessie stated she was so far removed from the blogger super highway she was surprised to get hit with the meme going around, so can you imagine my horror surprise?
Okay so here it is, 7 things you probably did not want to know about me:
  1. I have hobbit feet....and like them! Not hairy hobbit feet per se, but wide and short...and calloused because I'm a hillbilly and walk around barefoot at every opportunity. I was developing a bunion a couple years ago because I tried to be more lady like and wear shoes/boots/sandals with some kind of a heel on them. My poor lil hobbit feet thought they were torture, but tried to indulge me. I could go all day and night and be fine, but the moment those torture devices released the pressure from the nerve endings I was going to pay pay pay. Now that I've given up my quest to appear taller, my feets is happier. Precious. Now that I've discovered Crocs I am the happiest hillbilly in the world. Shoes that feel like I'm barefoot *swoon*
  2. One of the silliest, smallest but incredibly joyful things in every single day is changing my MSN log-in name for the messenger feature. I don't necessarily actually change it on a daily basis, but I giggle with anticipation about it. Why you ask? Because of my FIL. He gets so funny about the names, almost like he thinks I do it just to hide from him...when in truth, it started to suit my mood for the day. I chit chat with Hubbo through the computer all day so it never occurred to me that FIL was trying to keep up with the name changes. Poor guy, now I have both his sons swapping up names on him (and it makes me giggle to no end) ((heh))
  3. I want to move not JUST back to the south, but back to where I am near water. I've always been a water baby, and my babies are water babies, so it seems silly to live so far away from the water. Michigan, when you add up all the coast line from all the assorted lakes and rivers actually has more waterfront than Alaska! However, it's too cold to do squat with...and if it's not too cold, it's too polluted. Gimme that salty air thank ya veddy much. Do sheep like sea oats?
  4. Pink has become my new favorite color ever since having a girl child. I was never a girly girl, though I had my moments. But I loathed the color pink. Not entirely sure why, it was almost a pride thing. I was proud to not like pink (can we all say 'nerd'?). Interestingly enough, my hubbo keeps finding pictures of me wearing pink. I still say those pics were snapped during my escapades into girlydom. Maybe it's because of Princess that I finally feel like I'm not alone in a sea of testosterone and can fully embrace how different girls are from boys? I always wanted to fit in as one of the boys (cause girls can be so mean) so maybe that was it? I dunno, I just know I love pink now. Just not that pansy shade of pink....
  5. I want to make a huge beach blanket out of my frayed towels. Just sew em together and tada! Stop looking at me like that, it IS a good idea. The problem here is that ALL my towels are frayed somewhat (the teen boys are hardest on them) so if I carried out my plan, we'd all have to air dry until the budget could support new ones...and yall, that would seriously cut into the yarn money, so we know this will only remain in dreamland...for now.
  6. Okay, now I know I already mentioned my feet, but there is another lil tidbit of secret knowledge that goes with them. Socks. I love knitting socks, always have a pair going on the needles....but hate hate hate wearing socks. There. It's out in the open now. I feel better, and lighter now that rabbit's outta the bag. This is not really a bad thing as I have 5 children who do wear socks and a hubbo that really loves his hand knits *whew* A bonus side effect to this is that the few pairs of hand knit socks I do have, last me forever and look so awesome when I do wear them out in the real world. My JessieMades look outstanding when worn with the crocs!
  7. I miss my Granny more than I can describe. The only thing keeping me from just being all sad and depressed when I think about her is the knowledge that I will see her again in heaven. I love knowing without doubt that Jesus is the way, and she fully loved Him with all her heart. It was because of my respect for her and Bopie that I really looked at what they believed and why. It was their witness with their lives that led me to see who Christ was, and I have no doubt her continuous prayers for me as a child that saved my butt more than I wanna know. Miss you and Love you Granny Sue.


Jess said...

I was not aware that you did not like socks. Interesting. The beach towel thing is a really nifty idea.

Dana and pink... not something I usually see mixing, but it works!

good 7!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Well, I wear socks in the winter, and it does make me way less grumpy about it if they are hand knitted works of art and not Hanes hehehehe

Jess said...

Well now I feel like I know you MUCH better. ;)

ps-I live near water. :D