Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Memorial Day Weekend 2007

Yeah yeah I know, I'm getting awful about regular updates, I hear ya.
Well at least this time I have finished objects to report wheeeeeee
Over the long weekend I got much sewing up done and now have FINISHED OBJECTS IN MY POSSESSION! Whoot!
I also managed to get about 3 inches done on my PW cardigan body! Double YeeHaw!
I sewed up Kelley's slippers (they have only been langushing for 7 months) *ahem*
I have the Baby Bog, which is just too small for Evie *sigh* but it will make a good baby gift. I cast on absolutely nothing and did my darndest to just get some items finished.
So without further ado, the pictures:

And now some pics of the weekend fun:

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Jess said...

HOW FREAKING CUTE IS THAT KNITTING PIC!? I love your little girl. She is so cool. So are the boys! look at Ethan! Holey cow, that kid is a daredevil!
The cardi looks awesome! Are you like so motivated to finish now!? SO close... Those clogs are cool too, are they felted?