Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Jeep Jeep Jeep Jeepers

My husband.

He is now a goner.

Last Thursday he got a Grand Jeep Cherokee, and within 3 days announced our family would never return to the 'other' cars again. So far he has spent one million hours watching youtube Jeep footage of mudding and trailing with the kids and I.
All of our sons are now expecting Jeeps.
We were going to get them some beat up VW's for them to fix up. Have an autoshop class in our garage so they would know how to repair, maintain and understand the limits of their cars. Reasonable and fun homeschool subject. Whoot!
Only now, I can look forward to Wranglers and CJ's.
Of course it will be handy having the boys know how to do the feirld repairs out on the trail, but still......

Our home and lifestyle have been changed irrevokably, we are now "Jeepers".



iwillspoilstariel said...

How quickly one gets sucked in... I'm all for the auto shop class...

knittygurl said...

Amen to the auto class! That is an awesome idea even with the Jeeps!