Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Ch ch ch ch changes..........

HiDeeDiddlyho there blogger neighbor, How is ya?


Oh I'm just dandy. Love bug season is here at full throttle and it's amazing. These orange and black little things swarm like silent ticklish locusts. You have to wait for night fall to suck em up with a vacuum cleaner. Seriously, the floor is a moving black carpet of oddness. And the windows. We wont even talk about the nervous breakdown my chihuahua had in trying to 'get em all'. Poor thing is exhausted.
Made a discovery about moth balls. If you stick one in each window at sunset, absolutely zero bugs and the like will try to sneak in for some late night necking. That was a tremendous score on the bug war as anorexic pterodons (mosquitoes gigantus) were doing there very best to relieve us of all excess blood. The excess was measured by their own charts and I fully believe they were a bunch of liars. Blood sucking lier's. Snort. This also had amazing effects on the moths of doom from my prievious post. Oh, and Mothra came to visit me. She was the size of cheeseburger. No kidding. EEEKK!

I've finished my log cabin blanket that was started back in Feb at Jessie's! Yay me! Whoot! I immediately started on another and lo' and behold, with no internets to distract me, I'm already done. 10 days y'all. I thought long and hard for about 6.2 seconds and came to the astounding revelation that if I stop saying I finished the second blankie in 10 days and instead go buy more skeins of the same yarn, I can increase the size of the throw to a heave and wont look quite as much like I have time management issues when it comes to my online time. heh.
So now I can honestly declare that I am only halfway through my second log cabin blanket of goodness.
I've finished my fall harvest socks and begun the blue moon socks of my own design. Mostly lifted from other patterns....maybe I should call em my Frankenstein socks since I just used the bits of others pieces to mad scientist these together? It's a thought. Only they are blue..not green and I'm a simple person who will easily forget why I called em Frankenstein socks when they are really not a monstrosity at all and quite lovely if I do say so myself........

As for Himself. Well once again all we thought was going to happen has flaked out and changed completely. The boat job did a weird thing and now he is doing what we always said he wasn't going to do: Go work on the road. As in gone from the homestead days at a time...sometimes weeks. however, it just could not be denied anymore and he is now a private contractor finally making the money he deserves. My new job has me scheduling things for us to do as a family when he is home, focusing on the quality over the quantity. In a bizarre twist, we were both relieved when we finally stopped fighting this employment direction. I didn't even realise how much we were fighting it until we stopped. Crazy.

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Jess said...

I really miss you. You need to call me and tell me everything. I need details. I miss my morning chats with you over coffee... I miss the yarn enabling... I miss the evie and kendsie in cahoots discussions...
I just miss you.