Thursday, September 11, 2008

Factcheck Facts

Rumormill has been claiming people should trust factcheck dot org. Not one to just trust that, I decided to see how they are funded. This is what I found:

Fact Check. Org is led by Brooks Jackson: is a journalist who covered Washington and national politics for 34 years, also reporting in turn for The Associated Press, the Wall Street Journal and CNN.
All in all no big deal.

But then things get interesting. There is the factoid that factcheck dot Org is paid for by the Annenberg foundation. Hopefully you willl recall that Factcheck was the second site to publish the now-suspect Certificate of Live Birth (COLB)claiming to be received directly from the Obama campaign. There is a lawsuit going on about the validity of the birth certificate. I personally am pretty curious as to why it was that factcheck was one of only a small handful of media to get a copy of the COLB? Why with the mystery is it not being sent out to all the news outlets to squash the concern?

Another fact to keep in mind: Senator Obama was the first Chairman of the Board of the Chicago Annenberg Challenge, which was a Division, (or Project) of the Annenberg Foundation.

There is great conflict of interest there when it comes to being unbiased and strickly for the facts, don'cha think?

Walter Annenberg, founder of the $500 million gift that funded the Annenberg Challenge, had deeply rooted Chicago ties that clearly intersect with some of the same ties to Thomas and William Ayres.

Don't know who Thomas Ayers is? He is the daddy of William (Bill) Ayers, unrepentant Weather Underground terrorist and a friend of the Obamas, who himself was instrumental in founding the Annenburg Challenge, (thanks to his ties to Mayor Richard Daley). The first Daley was also a pal of Thomas Ayers, Bill’s father, who is the former CEO of ComEd.--Incidentally, the current CEO of ComEd, Frank M. Clark, is a major money bundler for the Obama campaign.

In a nutshell factcheck is far from unbiased about Barry Obama. So keep that in mind during this political campaign, and have a nice day.

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Lael Boyd said...

Then please comment on my blog and send me to a fact checking organization of your choice. I found this one used repeatedly even on Foxnews, so I assumed that it was tested by all sides.