Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Speaks for itself

So much of this election comes down to powerful symbolism don't you think?

OBAMA: Says he wouldn't want his daughter punished "with a baby."
PALIN: Encourages her daughter to take responsibility for her actions.

OBAMA: Says rural Americans cling to their guns and their religion because they're bitter.
PALIN: Joyfully worships her God, and engages in outdoor hobbies such as hunting and fiishing

OBAMA: Uses his power to reward corruption
PALIN: Uses her power to blow the whistle on corruption

OBAMA's WIFE: Salary at non-profit organization doubles after Barack becomes Senator
PALIN' HUSBAND: Quits his oil production job after wife becomes governor to avoid conflict

OBAMA: Despite ailing economy, asks for a billion in earmarks during his Senate tenure, and wastes millions of campaign dollars on outdoor spectacle and fireworks at Invesco field.
PALIN: Cut her salary as mayor, vetoed $500 million worth of wasteful spending as governor, and still shops at Wal-Mart

OBAMA: Couldn't be bothered to visit injured troops in Germany without the press corps
PALIN: Visited the injured troops because she actually cares

OBAMA: Throws everybody under the bus
PALIN: Praises Hillary Clinton and Geraldine Ferraro in her announcement speech and actually means it

OBAMA: Takes the flag off his private jet
PALIN: Puts the private jet on eBay

OBAMA: Votes against Born Alive Infant Protection
PALIN: Gives birth to a Down Syndrome baby and calls him "perfectly beautiful"

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