Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Making worm glasses.

So my clever 5 year old comes up to me and asks if we can go see his watermelon. About 2 months ago we planted some seeds. I told him I was very sorry, but I think watermelon died. He wants to go see anyway.

So off we go out the front door. Getting our noses to the dirt we peer deeply into the spot of watermelon's old home. It's true. Watermelon has left us. HOWEVER!

We see Worm! :D oh happiness and joy for a little boy who spots a worm! We discussed how worm had moved into watermelons old home, and how that was fine with us. I wondered aloud if worm got a good lease agreement or if he was a transient. 5 year old looked at me that way he often does when I feel he pities his dear old Ma's addled brain.

Ethan suggested we take worm and put him on the side walk so we could see him better. "Oh no Ethan, the sun would burn worm, that would not be nice."
So he replies "Mom, lets go make worm some sunglasses so the sun never burns him"

I thought that was a brilliant suggestion, and thus we are now making worm sunglasses.

5 year olds rock.

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