Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Electric Goldfish

the gold fish shocked me!


The goldfish have electricity Ma'.

No they don't, they have voracious appetites and wonky habits, but no electricty.

uh huh. they do. they shocked me. Stick your hand in there.

*ponders what joke oldest son is up to - decides to risk it* **further decides to not ask why son was petting the goldfish**

YEOOOOWCH! They ARE electric.......

Somehow or other my goldfish, you know, the suicidal, wanna be flying fish that should have died years ago? Yeah, well, they have taken their soul train folk show to the electric boogaloo. Lovely.

How does a goldfish, with a 2 second memory(HA!) get a power supply to the tank of 'tudeness? Apparently by flicking water over the edge and onto the waterproof filter? It's the best I can figure at least. We unhitched their power supply and decided to let the indoor pond go au'naturale. So far so good.

Beta, however, is going on protest. Our lil activist fish probably instigated the whole thing.

And so continues life in the Funhouse.


Jess said...

only at your house. at least no toasters have caught fire recently.

the girl with pointy sticks said...

no toaster ever 'caught' on fire, it was arson by a two year old with a popcorn hankerin hehe

Jess said...

ahhh. i see. hey whatever happened to the log cabin?HMMMM?

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Log cabin is being worked on :P