Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Going to Alabama


We leave for vacation and I am so excited. I love going home to the bay house. It's even cooler that we have a lovely employment prospect that could get us down there permanently :0)

Our family has been living in a job security flux for longer than I wanna think about. His current employer is closing up shop and moving to Cincinatti. He was told he would still have a job....months ago. We've been waiting for the offer. Two weeks ago the hard job offer came in from his current employment about the move to Cincy. It was total junk (putting it very mildly)
Seriously, it would have us at below poverty level again, in ghetto housing. That is total crap.
He came home at lunch the day the offer came in to grouch and rant, was mad as heck. Deservedly so. I tried to get his mood to shift, you know me, "Praise the Lord we know we don't need to be with that company" yadda yadda
I tried, but you know, he went back to work still grouchy. Once there he was talking to the guy who was going to make the move with him and be his new boss (we really like this guy) and Rick was just floored at the backhanded slap that was the job offer. So as they were talking and getting more and more annoyed and just about where he got fed up........................a phone call came in.
It was for tech support on a machine made by this company he works for...only the call was from the company's leading USA competitor. Seems the clients are trying to find people to do the repairs and such because dealing with the original company is such an expensive pain in the arse.
So Hubbo is talking to the guy and being guarded with help, cause it's the competition after all, he finally asks "off the record, what do you guys do?"which leads to a good long conversation, and a few interesting tidbits. Like they are hiring, and expanding but do not yet have the expertise to really work on these machines. The fellah gives Hubbo all the names and phone numbers he would need to talk with, and is really very encouraging.
It would be ALL God to, cause you know, aint it just a curiosity that it's the one company My husband never sent his resume to?
It gets better.
The machine he was giving tech advice for(did I mention he is literally the only man in the usa who knows these swedish made machines inside and out and that's why we expected a MUCH better offer from his current employer? It will cost them 30g a month to bring in equally knowledgeable people from Sweden), is the SAME machine the sales guy dropped the ball on back in December.
Hubbo has jumped through a million hoops for this company trying to make the incompetents actually assist its client and the client knows it. All of the clients are like that. They specifically ask for him because of the efforts he puts into his job. 'Cause he does go the extra mile, and the clients all know the fall outs are not him.
So, it would be great if he got on there, and it's likely a good deal of clients would follow him as well. A win-win situation for the new company and my beloved ;0)
Hubbo hates having his name associated with this group of monkeys in engineering suits. This new place is family owned and Christian to boot! Their work goal page thingy is packed with scripture....AND it happens to be in the area we wanted to move to to begin with! *Happy Dance*

Not done yet
So Hubbo gets the hiring managers # right? The guy is out of the country right now, guess when he will be back?
June 25th, the day we were already going to be in the area on vacation. Isn't that like so totally cool? We planned our vacation a month ago. Gotta love Gods timing hehehehehehehee
Now if the company doesn't want Hubbo, well that's okay, but it would be so fantastic if this was the answer to our prayers and it totally changed his attitude an everything.
But you know me, I mean yall have been through this with me before where I thought something was gonna happen one way, and was let down, so I'm rather cautious on this one, you know?
If God wants this to happen, he will make it happen, in spite of everything.
Himself called the client that was at this new company on his personal cell phone after work hours and they had a nice long chat, and apparently the timing was really nail on perfect. This man offered to talk with the heads of the new company and gave DH plenty of insider tips and we are going in on the 25th to meet everyone. He talked to the orginal tech guy last night only to get his assurance that he would be talking to the hiring guy as well. WHOOT!

Now, yall also know this means I won't be bvlogging after Friday for at least two weeks? Just givin you'se a heads up and a whut whut.

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