Thursday, June 21, 2007

Micronic Mistakes of the Costly Kind

This last Monday Daddio's employer came up to him asking why we had not responded to the offer that was given almost 3 weeks ago. He had been dropping hints that he was open and ready to talk, but was simply told that we were crunching numbers, looking at things, we would let him know when we were ready to talk.
Well on this fine Monday,*giggle* Daddio was done dodging the question and whats more, was feeling able to be completely honest. Hit em with both barrels, not in an angry freak out pompous 'how dare you offer such trollop" mode that was likely the attitude he would have had a few weeks ago. Cool off time is a brilliant thing. But he calmly, FIRMLY, pointed out why the offer was complete crap and an insult to boot. He said it was so freeing to be that honest (and interesting watching the back pedaling). He confronted the fact that they expect us to go live in some kind of poverty. Boss did his predictable "but you have already been getting the highest raises the last 3 years" shuffling his papers around and such. Hubbo looked him straight in the face and said "that really doesn't matter. You know we are living cheap, in my fathers house, and that's the only reason we get by on what little I make now. No one time bonus is going to sustain anything for my family. You expect me to take my family away from what little support we have here, move them to where we know nobody, and ADD the cost of housing to our expenses with no cost adjustment at all? I already discussed with you that we had looked into the real estate market there and even the 200g homes are covered in burglar bars. I can only assume you could care less what neighborhood my children are raised in, because clearly we could only afford the ghetto on this offer. That is completely unacceptable and I did not think there was anything further to discuss since it shows you really don't think I'm worth very much."
Razzle Freakin Dazzle baby*, WHOOT!
Plus I think he was even able to point out HUGE mistakes that were being made by the company and remind him that we HAD offered to go down early so these costly mistakes would have been avoided.
For instance: Micron. This is a unit of measurement that is used in high precision machines. One micron is about 1/100 of the thickness of a single sheet of paper. TeeeTiny right?
The machines Daddio builds are required to remain in certain tolerances measured in microns. These machines are steel. Steel expands with heat. Running the machines creates heat. So you can imagine the delicate balance it takes to get these tolerances perfectly balanced.
The new guy in Cincinnati decided that putting air conditioning in the new building was too costly. Ummm McFly?
Yeah, I know, how obtuse is that? Steel warehouses, even with doors open are not exactly cool places to be, temperature wise. Getting the machine balanced in the warehouse(if it's even possible with the temp varying all day) wont mean diddly once it gets to the client, everything will constantly be grossly out of whack. Talk about costly, this is a mistake that will keep on giving. Also consider oxidation. No AC means there is nothing controlling the humidity levels. Metal parts. Idiot.

It was really fantastic to see my husbands face after work that day. All those little things that had been eating at him, but he was not rocking the boat (swedes sheesh) was taking more of a toll on his mood and attitude than I realized. We are both keenly aware that the new employment prospect is not a done deal, but we are just as aware that we have no future with this current company. We are completely in God's hands, and as odd as it sounds to those not in Christ, we are just not worried about it. We will be fine, something great is on our horizon, and frankly it will be a relief to be done with a company that treats it's clients AND employees, so poorly. That afternoon he was walking taller for the honesty, and ya know what? The truth really did set him free. :0)

* Lost fans will understand, others, well just know it is really funny okay? is me calling you 'others'


Jess said...

Wow! Way to go, Doy! :)
God is working....

Jess said...

so so glad to read this. I can feel the calm through the computer. God is awesome. He take care ah ya.