Friday, January 18, 2008

Crazy Cable'in Lady

All sing the praises of Supercrafty! My yarn I ordered just 4 days ago is here! Whoot whoot! See how pitiful this project is? How little yarn there was to finish it? It was so sad to get into the groove only to find out you are outta yarn.

Oh happy day is today, Supercrafy rocked the mail system. I'm so incredibly thrilled. I'm used to a minimum of two weeks, not 4 days. SuhWheet.

I had no idea it would be that fast so I had searched Ravelry and found this Fly Capitan hat that the soapy knitter created. Not wanting to lose my new found love of cabling, I cast on some vintage tweed I had in the stash from a swap last year. I was banging. Finished that sucker and immediately cast on some Debbie Bliss tangerine merino to make another. I was in the middle of that when my yarn arrived in the mail. Today is a good day to knit.

Pardon the mess in the background heh heh.


Jess said...

I LOVE THAT CAP!!!!! If you have any lovely red yarn in your endless stash, and you get really bored, you could always make one for me. :) Just something to remember you by.

Jess said...

You always look so smashing in those hats! I am glad you made one for yourself! You look good and the house looks good too. I have no idea what mess you are talking about.
Good on yah for finally showing those cables who's boss and getting out of the knitterly funk. MUAH.