Monday, January 14, 2008

knitterly black hole

So I get this great pep talk from Jessie right? She points out great new resources for patterns on Ravelry to help alieve my lack of knittymojo. I go find the yarn sorter, I go retrieve the yarn that had been winking at me from the closet stash. I find a pattern. Print it and cast on. Great pattern, easy to read, takes one ball of yarn and is a quick knit. Perfect. The first gloves goes like a dream. This was my first real go at cables and I was soooo pleased with that left handed glove. Then the anti-mojo kicked in. I cast on for right hand glove, and literally had to frog my CAST ON because I had flubbed it. How does one screw up a cast on they do in their sleep they know it so well? I get the bugger cast on appropriately, get a round or two in, careful not to create a mobius strip. Set it down to go make dinner, come back, start knittin' and realize I had it turned around, no big deal, tink back and go forward......get to new cable, pay attention to be sure I have it going the correct way, continue. Got to the 3rd cable and obviously had a brain fart as the next 3 cable twists were a freak of knature. They were twisting, I was shouting, it was a regular boogie woogie knightmare.
I take another deep breath, go eat dinner and take a walk around the neighborhood. Sit down with some tension tamer tea and correct the blasted things. All is well. I'm relaxing, enjoying the play, still pretty giddy about the first glove and how lovely it looks. Get round and round, do next cable set and get comfortable. It sounds like things are going well yeah? I thought so too.
I've run out of yarn. I'm about 3 inches and a thumb short.
I bought this yarn well over a year ago at the local knit shop in Michigan.....which is now over 900 miles away....

If you spot any Mission Falls 1824 wool in a amethyst 23 (either dye lot 4104 or 4685 I have 2 mission falls ball bands and have no idea which belongs to my gloves) take pity on me and let me know? I'd appreciate it.


Supercrafty had EXACTLY what I needed and I'm soooo freaking happy.
I ordered 2 balls just to be sure. Hehe

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