Wednesday, January 30, 2008

what foul wind this way comes?

The impossibly strong odor that engulfed the house is reminiscent of a decaying musk ox.

Who in the world gave that child pistachios??

The only way to remove that funk was to start a fire(to get a breeze going out the chimney) and discover that my (soon to be late) dearly beloved closed the flu. Normally the flu is wide open, and by wide open I mean never before in our entire history have we closed the flu-so it was not something I would have thought to check.
Smoke went billowing everywhere as I fought viciously with a truculent, surly flipping piece of crap flu handle. Lots of hollering and then kicking out the flaming logs, throwing windows open and beating my head upon the security/smoke alarm trying to remember the blasted code.
Fortunately the flames relieved my need to shave the ole pits, so that was a bonus.
Got flu open, restart fire because now the draft is needed to help clear the fumes.
Que naked baby that has escaped her bathwater and the phone. Answer phone, chase golden haired imp down the hall. Listen to Hubbo explain in minute detail the information he needs me to email him while my mother attempts to ring through on the other line. Not getting me on the land line she starts blowing up my cell phone....all just to ask if the kids are going with her tonight.
Naked baby is now dancing on recently folded laundry singing something at the top of her lungs...stopping only to fart and recharge the air with the revolting aroma that started this whole catastrophe.

Another heady morning in the glamorous lifestyle of motherhood.


On the knitting front : Zero stitches

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Jess said...

Wow. what a day. And I thought Kendall lying herself down at the entrance of target and having a full on tantrum while like 80 people watched was bad...