Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Blogday to me

I had no idea until I was peeping at my profile that it was my bloggerversary. How is it possible it's been a year? I swear Jessie just bullied me into having one of these things a month or so ago. Sheesh.
What does one do for a bloggerversary?
Me? I talk about my day and how it started out with the usual random chaos that seems to rule my life.
Ebear actually ROLLED THE JEEP.

A power wheels jeep. pow pow powerwheels testosterone makes it go.

Yessir, he rolled it.

No one was hurt except maybe his mother who jumped in and out of her skin 4 times before getting to the Jeep to check on the kids.
They were fine, Evie was doing her best impersonation of a back seat harpy reading him the riot act about not having the right tires to climb mount suicide (a small hill in the back yard).

This event was not related in any way to those two trying to escape the family back 40 (feet) and had everything to do with him being his fathers child.

I wish I had it on film *sigh*

Father was smacked smartly about the head with a newspaper for passing his thrill seeking idiot genes to the boy child. To make it sting all the worse, I, er, the assailant used the political commentary section. Doctors assure that he will be fine after some physical therapy....personally I don't think he will work his brain any harder now than he did before and the damage had nothing to do with the paper to begin with and he is just being a whiny baby. But I digress.

A pink and white Barbie beach patrol Jeep.
Oh the humanity.

Then we get to the afternoon which started off quiet, if not entirely sane. Ebear is outside my window this very moment standing on top of his rocket ship yelling at the squirrels. I think they are at war. I hear something about 'onnicles' which translated means Bionicles, a lego robot creature. I suspect the dratted gray tailed bandit made off with a part from Ebears stash and hell hath no emphatic plans like a 4 year old on a mission.
Evie, being the smart one (IE the girl) has decided to take her babies inside and is putting them all down for a nap. One baby is clearly not behaving because she is threatening to not read a story unless baby hushes.

The older boys are just whining about wanting to go to Mardi Gras today. It's Joe Cain day, which means it is the day to get drunker than hungry raccoon on a spring afternoon under the mulberry tree, if you know what I mean.
Not kid friendly.
So they are pouting and being insolent.

Big Daddy is recovering from his head trauma and attempting engineering.

How are you this fine Blogaversary Sunday?


Jess said...

Boy do you make me laugh- well- your kids do- for certain. I am so glad you started a blog. :)

Doy said...

soon I'll have 'em in real jeeps and minibikes and quads and such, then these blogs will get REALLY interesting >:)