Monday, February 18, 2008

Air purification suggestions?

The dust factor in our new home is unreal. I'm not a big Dusting Bunny to begin with, but being in new digs (that are NOT under construction-Yay) I'm trying to keep on top of it. There is only carpet in the bedrooms, split brick everywhere else.

WHERE is all this flippin dust coming from???? Seriously. I took a damp rag and went over the buffet top where the tv is located, got everything good and wiped down yeah? I do this EVERY SINGLE DAY and every single day it looks like I've not dusted in a month of sundays. I do the book shelf edges, the mantle and the computer too. The dust on the floor absolutely trips me out. I washed this sucker leaving no place untouched. A week later while sweeping I corralled a dust bunny the size of King Kong. It was not happy.

Is this normal? Has my family always produced this much detritus and I just never noticed before thinking it was construction fall out?
After watching BBC's "How clean is your House" and seeing the nasties that thrive on dust I just can't let this go anymore. Frankly my sinus/ear problems have practically disappeared so I know I will keep at it. I just need help.

Any suggestions on an air purifier/dust destructocon? As it is now, I'm not burning fires in the fire place, nor am I using the furnace to stir stuff up. So it's not coming from the vents. All that is on is the ceiling fans and 5 mini me's. I do open the windows alot, but it's not the season for yard cutting and that sort of dust creating. Totally baffled, the amount of this dust take over just cannot be natural....

Can it?



Doy said...

if I were suspicious, I would think that you HADN'T dusted in a month of Sundays;)

Just a thought here, did you get all the ash out of the fireplace? I mean if we're looking for culprits here...

knittygurl said...

Swiffer dusters work wonders in my house which is a complete dust magnet. I'm still looking for the culprits in my house.

Doesn't How Clean Is Your House send you into a cleaning frenzy every time you watch it? I know it does with me :-)