Wednesday, February 20, 2008


It occured to me that you may be interested in what Ebear was trying to get at with the robot and pistachio......

Newest teen boy got a robot for his birthday. It dances, picks up dirty socks, talks...says "rosebudddddd" when it is turned off. Hula dances, break dances, in general a really cool little toy.
Ebear is fascinated by it.

We also scored some awesome pistachios from Food World and have been using them as our snack treats.

So my best guess: Ebear wanted to feed the robot a treat.

Now, being the creative little git that he is, and knowing he has a working knowledge of manual tools, I can just see him unscrewing the battery lid for the robot to feed him some 'stachios. He knows what batteries are and that they feed electricity to electronics you see......

thus, the whole distraction ploy ;)

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Doy said...

that kid has some imagination. Now if we could only get him to put them in a coherent form we'd be all set.