Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lizard ala Loo

MOM there is a gieco salesman in the pot! Come look!

Sure enough, there was a little fellah in the potty. Better make sure he is dead *gentle prod* oh hey! yes! He's alive!! Whoot! Boy 1, go get your old hermit crab habitat, Boy 2, go grab some fresh grass, Boy 3, get some of the peach out of the fruit salad.
Poor little thing just lost his tail, the blood scab is still bright red. Obviously freaked out, I would be too if giants were handling me and squawking. Never seen this color before, like a pale peach with red highlights. Kinda spiky. I should name him Velvet or Smoothie
Fat bugger, so not undernourished by a long shot. Hiding his front right limb so often I thought it was missing at first too.
Now where in the world did he come from??? really, I'm kind of a neat freak and bugaphobic. I clean/bleach the heck out of that room so often that you would think any critter would steer far and clear just from the fumes. Granted I've had the windows open because of the nice weather, but again, ANY room but the chemically sterile bathroom....and he was found IN the toilet floating. The boys thought he was dead actually.
There is a vent directly above the toilet, thats my best guess, that he came from there.
Of course that leads me to wonder: Just what the hell has he been eating in my vents that has him so fat and happy....and who/what stole his tail in there? EEEK *insert loud girly scream*

He is now safe enough. Has fresh fruit, have the boys seeking crickets and other small insects outside. Has water, fresh grass, some climbing sticks, a hidey hole and a hot rock for warmth.

Where did he come from?
And what happened to his tail?
A brand new FunHouse mystery begins......


Jess said...

More importantly, is he poisonous?

Doy said...

I'm tellin ya the vent doesn't go outside. clearly this is a case of an evolutionary leap, the toilet water was just the right combination of chemicals. The part of the missing tail is a little harder to explain though, probably a fish ate it and disappeared down the drain when it heard us coming.