Sunday, February 17, 2008

No labels

WHY is it so hard to slap a label on something?

Yesterday we had the party for that teenage thing and I had purchased a cake from the local 'got everything mart'. I picked it up from the refrigerated area, saw it was chocolate layered and thought no more about it. Got home, gently threw it into the refrigerator and foggottabout it.

At One thirtyish it was time to bring the cake out and embarrass aforementioned boy/man thing. I popped that lid of, swore slightly as I saw the whip cream frosting was melting, jabbed in the candles quick as I could. Lit them while screaching 'get in here and sing already hurry hurry hurry it's an avalaaaaanche'
After a little bit of nervous laughter people saw I was not goofing around, we sang Happy Birthday---you remember those little portable record players where you could change the RPM's and make Mick Jaggar sound like Mick Mouse? Yeah, it was kind of like that.----Kid blew out his candles and I whipped out the cake knife. I may have caused a wee bit of anxiety as I began slicing and dicing like a Hibatchi chef on speed. I was chopping and flipping pieces of melting cake on plates so fast that I hardly have memory of any of it. Cake was everywhere....and the best part?
This is why the sneaky thing was melting like a crayon on brand new car seat leather.
No labels. No where. I had no idea I had set the thing into 'destructo' mode when entering it into the fridge instead of the freezer. Maybe the whip cream icing should have tipped me off?
There was a flash flood of vanilla ice cream that streaked across the counter top. Devastated all that was in it's path...but.....delighted the 4 year old standing at the edge of the counter with mouth wide open.

The one picture that we got of the cake..............

I lead a very exciting, glamorous life I know. Yer just jealous.

Two more birthday's this month....whheeeeeeeeeee LOL


Jess said...

oh man thats too funny. glad it wasn't past the point of being edible. A story that will be re told again and again for sure.

Doy said...

we still have not established this whole "freezer section" debate. I mean really dear, don't most cakes come from the bakery aisle or the betty crocker boxes?

just sayin'...............

Doy said...
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knittygurl said...

Sounds like an eventful birthday :-) It doesn't surprise me that there were no labels on the box. I would be shocked if someone had actually put one on to begin with at my "mart"