Thursday, July 12, 2007


I got the knitting blahs I think. That or there is a gear that got stuck on dishrags. I pick up needles and all I wanna make are dishrags and washcloths. Even the socks I started are stuck into SSS (second sock syndrome) and I just can't go near them.
I am dreaming about my fabrics, but can not settle on one thing to make, so am making nothing. When I get Lydia's measurements, maybe that will click me outta the blues. Gonna make that girl a comfortable girly dress so she can be a real southern belle. Apparently marketing for the 8 year old females in this country have decided that they all want to be dressed like mini hookers. Grrrrr. I suppose its a good thing I'm re-embracing the sewing machine. Looks like I'll be making my little girls clothes as well.

le sigh

Perhaps I am just thinking so much about moving that I've gotten the: STOP WAIT deer in the headlights feeling. It's kind of like treading water....again. I need a dumpster delivered so I can get rid of everything that's junk, and set aside everything that needs to go in a yard sale (what does not get sold will go to Salvation Army).......and chocolate will not help this mood of mine.

While I was at the Bay House, there is this very cool dresser that was my grandmothers that has a giant mirror...I noticed bits and pieces of my naked self sagging in brand news ways, much of it chocolate induced I suspect. Time to put aside the ole faithful mood lifter of chocolate, and pick back up the ole fitness for life eh?

You know what cracks me up? Health nuts. They must be so surprised when their finely tuned machines stop working. I'm all for keeping fit, it has everything to do how well you will feel and enjoy your old age, but there are limits y'all. When my fitness routine takes more precedence than my sewing...well okay. When my fitness routine intrudes on my knitting.....well that will be the sign that I've gone overboard and need intervention. When my knitting has hit a "blah" block, then it's time I start exercising. The pain and sweat will make the charms of knitting/sitting still all the more enticing once again. Yes?

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Jess said...

That is a good theory.
I prefer a little bit of both. I excercize, and knitting/yarn is my reward. After a good run or swim, I look forward to sitting down (after the cool shower that follows) and knitting. I feel no guilt. ;)