Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Jojo is my X mother in law. I hate that I lost her in the divorce. She says I didn't lose her, but you know how it is. Anyway, we are really good friends. Enough so that when we are in town, she invites us all to dinner and pool time, including my new husband. Himself gets totally weirded out by how un-wierd he feels at their house. We all get along like maple syrup and pancakes and I only get checked on where I am when I see a pic of my X on the wall. Hehehehee
Jojo and Doc are pretty great though. They never flinched or missed a beat in including my stepson as their grandchild too, and its no different with my two new babies. They tell people about their 5 grandchildren, and that is pretty fantastic aint it? Jojo knows how it is, as technically she is the step-parent to my X. (His real mum is...........different about the whole deal*ahem*)

On this trip down we went over for dinner our 3rd night there. She heard I was learning to quilt and sew....and she smiled....almost wickedly. The woman then went over to a closet I had rarely even glimpsed in all the years I've known her, reached up, and pulled the light chain.
It's like she raided every fabric store on the planet and hid bits and pieces in her closet for Armageddon or something. Piles and stacks and heaps of fabric. Much of it I recognized from blankets she had made for the boys when they were little, and some of it was fabric that was just set aside, but still followed the themes I was going with for the children. Others were bright patterns on a black back ground that really really popped. Color coordinated just itching to be made into something. Trucks, dinosaurs, frogs, the alphabet, bulldozers, trains, Noah's Ark on and on and on. There were even a few yards of sold colors that matched all the prints! Quilt Heaven!
Without so much as a "would you be interested" she started putting fabrics in a bag....then another bag...she just kept going like there was no tomorrow until her entire closet was bagged. She looked at me and said "It's yours"
I was really rather speechless, I mean, there was archaeological history in those bags. I asked if she was sure, and she said it was an excuse to go buy more. That combined with Doc cleaning out the house makes me a little nervous-but that's another post.

So thanks to Jojo I have about 80 pounds of quilting goodness just waiting to be designed and cut to sew into grand creations. I've washed folded and put up all the fabrics. It's much like a yarn stash, just lovely to look at you know? Now if only I would take pictures....heh

Thanks Jojo, you have rocked my world and put a major distraction into my knitting time..somehow I think you knew that would happen and it's making you giggle maniacally.
Love you.


Jess said...

I need a jojo! She sounds like a lovely woman, and not just because o the pounds of fabric she has given you!

the girl with pointy sticks said...

She really is a fantastic woman <3