Wednesday, July 25, 2007

He's off!

Mister PointyStickedOne flew off to Pensacola today for job interviews and landed about 10 minutes ago. Sqeeeeee!
He's got the first one over in Gulf Shores and from there is steadily making his way over to Mobile. My mom is giddy. I think she is more excited than if I was coming to visit. She said she was even going to cook. Poor guy :-P

am I excited?
You betcha.

My colourmart cash/silk arrived. I'm so happy I could burst. Now I just need a ring bag pattern.........


Jess said...

Make one up dork, you fly by the seat of your pants with everything else... since WHEN do you need a pattern? Hmm?
Good luck Mr PointyStickedOne. (that is quite an interesting title)

the girl with pointy sticks said...


I didn't even see that till you pointed that out LOL

Start a lace project with me?