Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday's uncreative post

Okay so it's friday, the day of yarn flashin' goodness and my camera is in Alabama with my husband.....sheesh.
He called and scored yet another job offer, this time from a family owned business that spent over 2 hours interviewing him and showing him around. This place is literally across the street from where my dad works lol.

So, recently I knit a lil phone cozy to put on my belt with a buttoned safety flap on it. I used my purple and cream dish cloth cotton. I gotta say it's pretty cute. And really, since there is no picture I'll just go out on a limb and say it's stunning. A work of art really. Debbie New would be proud. Envious even.

My delicious silk/cashmere from colourmart is looking at me and I'm totally smitten. It really is whispering "pet me, stroke me, love me" over and over. I've yet to actually knit anything from colourmart so that I could wash and experience the "bloom" I've read about. I wonder what this will turn out like? I keep hemming and hawing over what I want to make with it, which to me means I'm going to knit lace or a tank top deal. It really is quite lush......maybe if I combined it with my juicy jitterbug ralphael for a top??
The thing about tank tops is that I have bat flaps on my upper arms. I'd hate to highlight them, but not as much as I hate working to get rid of them it seems. Maybe a heavier purse is in order?
Right now I'll just enjoy it's purpley blue goodness.

And that's it folks. I think my creativity might have slipped into one of the moving boxes. Let's hope it's one marked "bay house" and not storage. Eep!


Jess said...

YAY for Doy and you!!! :) It is neat to see God working in your lives.

knittygurl said...

I'm so excited for you and your hubby! God is GOOD! And that cash/silk is to die for! Maybe you can make a tank with coordinating short sleeved cardi....just a thought :)