Friday, July 20, 2007


Ravelry is flipping addictive. That is all there is to it.
It is such a source of inspiration that I didn't get squat done yesterday.
I'm now in more stash control groups
In another sock a month club
Flirting with a lace shawl group
it never stops.
What is worse, they are now bantering about stash swapping.
This could get deadly.
String flying, running amok.

Absolutely Brilliant web site concept. I hope the creators make a mint.

Now what I need:
A packing up to move back home to Alabama in an orderly fashion web site.

Le sigh

I've gotten NOTHING done in the last 3 days y'all.
I've had a couple panic attacks, at least I think thats what they are. Flashes of "What are we doing moving out of paid for housing??" and I start breathing fast and hard and sweat pops out on my head, basically I fritter about all of that when I'm gently reminded, paid for or not, there is no work or future here. A paid for house wont mean diddley when we can't buy food (or yarn). We have to move, we have to get out our rut. We have to move forward. Michigan is dying right now, and though I'm sure it will make a come back, I have zero interest in staying here and waiting for it. Michigan is not my home, is not a place I will even want to visit after we leave.
Work. There is work in the South. Careers. A future. Our family.
We could stay here, but to what end? Jobless is jobless, might as well be jobless in the south where industry is booming.

Next Wednesday, Hubbo is going down for some job interviews and application passing around. He can get a job. Might not be the job he wants as a career, but it will do while he keeps looking. I've been looking at real estate. I don't know how that will work out, but I'm looking.
We can stay at the Bay House for a little while, but it's not exactly a winter proof home. It would be nice to just move right into a place, but thats probably pushing reason out the window. 4 weeks to find, inspect and get approved for a loan? WHILE I'm living in Michigan? Not too likely. There is this one house that I've been looking at for months that Hubbo and my mom are going to go look at. I'm trying to not get my hopes up, they've been dashed too often this last year. It looks perfect on paper. Lets see what they say when they get inside.
There is also that house in Chunchula...........

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Jess said...

So much to do/think about. You may not see it, but you are moving forward.