Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gulf Shores?

Well, Mr.PointyStickedOne landed yesterday, and had a solid job offer by 3 PM in Gulf Shores. Plenty of room for financial growth in this company, so maybe? They will even do schooling for/with him. He seems intrigued by the whole idea. By 4 PM today he had 2 more on the line, one with a possible second interview at a place out in Irvington. Which is close to my grandfather so that would be nice to.

All in all, we have something solid under our feet. We committed to jumping, and lo n behold, we were caught. God is so cool. I'm so excited.

Naturally this means our homeschooling friends and church family are making it hard on us for going *sigh*
I keep telling them they should all just come with us.

Moving on (yes! moving!)

I've decided to do Kiri after I was ganged up on and beat about the head with lace weight in Ravelry.
Apparently this is the starter pattern of my dreams and I will love it.
What is more: It's free.

Finished part of mom's gift, going to get some more cotton while I'm at it.

Life is good and the babies are napping. The quiet disturbs me.

Gulf Shores......mmmmmmm beach livin' here I come.

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