Wednesday, July 11, 2007

the job thingy and whatnot

So I know I know I owe a report on the jobbie thingie I was so incredibly excited about before we went to Alabama.
Total wash out. Not entirely sure what happened, one day they were wanting to talk to himself, and the next day they said that they really did not have anything long maybe consulting would be the answer? I dunno.
It was dissapointing to be sure, but then there is always a reason for everything and I'm still very peaceful about the whole idea of moving.
Only now, we are looking at moving directly into the Bay House and doing the job search in the direct Mobile metro area....which is where I wanted to be to begin with. My family, nutty as they may be, is incredibly loving and supportive in ways that would be considered rare, practically extinct. Maybe it's from working together in a business for years and years so that they HAD to see each other and the assorted cousins on a daily basis that makes us all really feel like one single family unit instead of branches. So. There you have it.

My hubbo and I have been doing much talking, and tonight we talk with my stepsons other family about the details. We are moving, Lord willing. The time frame is what is up in the air. We had been saying November 1st....but for the life of us can't figure out why. After talking with him last night, he sees no real reason we should wait, especially after getting the property tax bill on this place. (Over 4 THOUSAND just for the summer taxes. It works out to about 500 a month in property tax....thats really ticks me off). Property tax is due Aug 31st and we have to pay it, but wouldn't it be lovely if the house was already up for sale and sold before we had to do that? 5 bedrooms are rare enough, and a 5 bedroom in this area of large Muslim families, heck, HUGE Muslim families!.......well seems it might be easy enough to sell, right? Time will tell, and meanwhile we are stuck trying to get all the work done with so many of our own little helpers in house. FIL keeps saying the work will get finished when we move out, so following that line of thought, the sooner we move out, the better.


We came down to September. At that time we would be down and around for my cousins wedding, and princess's birthday. Daddio wants to still be here for his fathers retirement party/pig roast which is the second weekend in August. If the kids and I were to go right after the party, that would give the two weeks to finish the remodel before taxes are due. Not that I really think for a second it will sell that fast, but keep in mind we are really just kind of daydreaming and tossing out ideas here.

And that is that and the whatnot an that whodunnit and every leetl theeng.


Jess said...

its totally do able. Do you think the market is booming up there? real estate wise?

the girl with pointy sticks said...

Real estate wise, it's booming in the Arab community. Lots of immigrants flowing into the area with lots of children. We have tons of 1,2 and 3 bedroom houses for sale on the market, but really they are just too small for the needs of the families moving in. The downside is we have a crawlspace instead of a basement, and instead of a garage, a huge yard. So there are trade offs.
However, it's the bedrooms that are going to sell this place, IMO.