Monday, January 15, 2007

Oh that child of mine

I love her. Yes I do. She lights up my world and after half a dozen boy childs, I had no idea a baby girl would be so incredible. Nope I didn't.


Her facination with mrflushie has got to stop.
Last Thursday she attempted to test the bouyancy of her fathers cell phone and discovered black expensive cell phones sink. After much wailing, moaning and not a little bit of impish laughter, I ordered DH a new phone. (Thank the Lord I actually DID get the insurance this time!).
We went about the house discussing with all the other short people that live with us how important it was to start shutting the bathroom doors. Little sister was getting WAY too interested in these water shenanigans......and frankly my hands are getting a bit rough from bleaching out the bathrooms a couple times a day "just in case".
--I can hear my mother laughing wildly in the tune of 'She's just like you'

So after everyone was thourougly educated on the perils of potties and little sisters, we foolishly thought the problem had been nipped in the bud. Two days go by and all is well. I only have to defend my knitting from lil miss unravels clever paws. *sigh*

Joy of Joys, gramma calls! We love gramma! Gramma is always laughing and is a delight to talk to, yessir she is. I talk to her abit, then oldest boy on down the line. At one point the 3 year old boy hangs up on her and we need to call back, no problem. So 8 year old boy is chatting and (apparently) as he is saying his love/kisses/goodbye who but the little phone troll waltz's up. With hands outstretched, and a rather largish crocodile tear in eye, she asks for the phone so she can talk to the gramma.
Clearly, the 8 year olds brain has short circuited in the last two days and all admonition of "Do NOT give her the phone" went completely out his left ear. I suspect it was the croc tear that did him in.
Anyway, he kindly gives his beloved sister the phone to which she smiles gleefully, jabbers to gramma and the ruuuuuuuuns to the bathroom. SPLOOSH!!!! slam dunk. Baby scores 2 points, telephone, zero. It was a massacre. The telephone population in this house has now been completely wiped out. These was much moaning and groaning to be heard.

So here we are today, incommunicado with exception of the 'puter. Dearest Husband is calling the phone insurance people today from HIS place of work (where her phone demolishing ways have not yet reached). He managed to score an upgrade when I called his replacement in as they were out of the color he needed, I wonder if I get the same luck?

I'm hoping my Philosophers Wool cardigan kit comes in today. Ordered it last Sunday and was on my toes the whole week waiting for delivery. I am a tad bit scared, I mean, I've been knitting less than two years, and the most complicated thing I have ever completed was a pair of socks knitted from the toe up. However, after reading Yarn Harlot I have decided she is absolutely right. No matter how complicated the pattern, it really is only two stitches I must manipulate.
So tho it may take me a million years to do that cardigan, by golly I'm gonna try!

I have the tote exchange to turn to when I need a break, and for really really straight knit fixin' I always have a sock in progress......................

Must get more coffee, Ciao

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Jess said...

You know, They are insanley smart little girls arent they? I cant let Kends out of my sight. It always ends in the destruction of something I love.