Thursday, January 25, 2007

Good Morning

Today I get to return to the dentist for my finished crown. Uhg. My teeth may be beautifully straight, but they are softer than salt water taffy in August. I don't think I have ever been to the dentist for cleanings or whatever and not heard him say I have got a new 'watch' going on in my mouth. *sigh*
Himself's smile might be a little crooked (I love it) but he has teeth almost as hard as his head. You know I'm praying that the kids got the best of the genetics, his hard teef, my straight choppers. We shall see.

One really cool thing about my sorrie's at the dentist's office is that I have aquired a reputation. I'm the "Knitter". I bring my socks in progress with me for the waiting rooms, and wear a swanky pair of hand knits for their enjoyment. Its pretty neat (for me anyway) how there are a few people who come out of their hidey holes "to see what Dana is doing this time". On one level its sad I'm there so often that in an office of 40+ hygenists, I'm known by my first name. On another level, dental insurance freakin rocks. I've had a couple requests for scarves and whatnot, only to gleefully counter with "why I'd love to teach you how to make one for yourself" heh heh
One Dental hygenist is going so far as to want to learn the noble art herself. She asks lots of questions and seems genuinely interested. I admit, its abit disconcerting to hear a woman who has speeding whirring medical tools in your mouth say things like "but I'm so clumsy with my hands" and "does it take alot of concentration? I'm terrible at concentrating on little fiddley things".
As freightening as she has been, she does really fantastic mouth work, so I've decided to put her comments into the *people with sadistic senses of humor* file....................for now. I'll get her number and invite her to the next knit night.

My new phone arrived and my momma called me this morning. Its weird how much closer I feel to her now even tho physically I'm a thousand miles away. She was on me about what to get the yahoos for their birthdays. We have the 3 oldest coming up in the next month. She is way better than I am about these things. I live with em, I'm with all 5 24/7 yet somehow never really sure of their exact wants. I think its the puberty factor. My 2 oldest are preteens and in that wonky stage of playing with legos, building super spy forts and bein kids one minute, to discussing apologetics and multidemesionalism with a freakish grasp on philosophy the next. (Homeschooling rocks)
My perfect middle child is much easier. He loves to play his drum set and build bionicle creation/mutations. I'm thinking about putting him on the local lego team, I think he would really glow in that atmosphere.
But back to point, WHAT do I get the older two? The local skate park I was going to get them year passes too has been shut down by the state (EEP!) for contamination. They already have their new skateboards........maybe we could buy the classroom a new computer so they can build bigger and better games? Heck, at this point I think they would just be happy if we got the living room remodel finished so they would stop having to share a bedroom. L's amp takes up a ton of space and A keeps aquiring furniture.....hmmmmmm

You know...that last bit is not a bad idea at all. They would be happier with their own space and we could hook them up with new somethings to decorate the return of private bedrooms.......Yep. I think thats the ticket.
As for me, I need to go get a shower, some more coffee and straighten up the house abit. MIL is coming over to watch the shorties and I hate not having a neat and tidy house when people arrive. *double sigh* Have I mentioned how untidy 5 children can be?

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Jess said...

its nice to know the people at the dentist's office love you so dearly.
If having one little creature keeps my house regularly in a shambles, I can only IMAGINE what "untidy" means to you. Good luck with that.