Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Oh no he did not!

This could get very ugly.

What is he thinking cutting off her fresh yarn supply? Does he not realise that fresh, new yarn is like oxygen to a knittin fool? I mean, I know and you know, we've all gone just a little too far over the edge every now and then, a ball here, a skien there, a flock of shetland as yet unharvested but set in reserve in scotland.......but no more new yarn ever?
A total 'knit from stash' diet with no end date?
Thats just cruel man, cruel.

Himself was reading over my shoulder when the poor wretch broke the news. At first he thought she was kidding, but quickly saw that this was, indeed, a tragic blow. He was shocked at first...stunned really. Even he knows nothing good can come from yarn depravation. I am so flippin greatful I started educating him when I did. *whew*

It was a Yarn Harlot story here and there, asking him to remember a couple stitch numbers for me, you know, involving him in my knitting in such a way that he wasn't feeling trapped or comitted. Wowing him with the speed of a long tail cast on, and asking him what he thought on every little pattern that was kinda neat. I knew he wasn't that interested, just trying to humor me, but subtly, slowly like the post man with your coveted cardigan kit (who will never friggen get here) it made its way into his brain.
He started looking over at what I was doing "Hey, you are making 1 there aren't you?" and "That looks like a yarn over" all the way into "Honey, I bought you these needles! Look! They light up! Size 10 is what you needed right?"

I knew it would happen, I just didn't know when. I'm good at reading him and bringing him around to see my point of view, but really, it was the knitting that belted out its siren call and he fell like a ton of merino. Softly and in a cute cuddly fluffy pile waiting to be taught and spun into another knit freak.

When I finally knew he understood, that he 'got it' was when my Fair Isle Knitting Simplified book arrived.
I brought it to bed with me after the kidlets were tucked in, and was turning pages, sighing at the patterns. I looked over at him and said "you know darlin', you will never believe how these sweaters got here! Mushrooms!"
And I started reading the story out loud to him. By the next night HE was looking at the book when I came in and I saw my moment.
"Would you read to me some so I can knit and listen?"
He agreed and its been bliss since then. Real bliss...I'm knitting him a debbie bliss aran sweater and he is actively watching me and the pattern emerge.

Life is good for me...

but back to my poor poor tragic friend......this may be just cause for an intervention with her hubby. She needs help. He has no idea how much damage she could do with all those needles and nothing new to stick em in!



Jess said...

sniff sniff. my heart aches for a knit respecting companion such as doy. I mave have to move in. It's getting pretty unbearable in this house. Between the lace and my husband, I don't think I will make it to this weekend without having a nervous breakdown.

Dana of the Pointy Sticked Clan said...

Awww honey its okay. Really.

Dan will see how horrible mean poopy pants he is being and repent....or I will send you really good hand moisturizer and you can knit that acryllic sweater.

And the lace. Well, hon, perhaps it could go into deep starage in the attic or you could use it to tie Dan up and refuse to let him go until he comes to the truth about yarn and what your needs are....

Dana of the Pointy Sticked Clan said...

you can certainly move in, bring the shortie. ;-)

M is for mommy said...

Hey couz,
nice new blog ya got here, I'll pass it along to Mary and she'll add you as a link to her page, and I'll add you as a link from my website as well (Mary has a few friends who blog religiously from her links). I'm sure she can answer a few questions if needed). Start puttin some pix of the kids up, yo!!!!