Tuesday, March 20, 2007

I finished

Not a knitting project however *sigh*

But! My huge filing cabinet of 'important papers' which is really more of a postal black hole, has been sorted, appropriately shredded, and refiled down into two itty bitty accordion files! Go me!
I had help from Princess, my secretary, and from Himself, former Zen King of Filing Systems in the Universe. Guess who promptly piped up to accuse me of quashing that mojo the very moment I stepped back into his life? Heheheheheeheheheee......snort!
I now know that I need to :
***Call the State of Alabama and ask them where the heck my tax refund from 2000 is! I found a card that was mailed to me in '04 telling me they had a check waiting on me!!! COOL!
***Call the investment firm that is carrying the stocks on the kids indiviual portfolios and get some updated papers on that! My most recent copies are from 2001! Yeep! Got to get on that and start investment stocks for the newer kids.

and much to my suprise, that was it! Everything else has been handled or is in the handling process already! I feel all mature and responsible now *self satisfied smug/smarmy smile creeps across face...........and then she realizes its March 20th and her tags are expired****

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