Friday, March 30, 2007

Freaky Fridays

For a couple of weeks I've had a runny nose, but pretty much ignored it because I was taking care of littler people with runny noses and coughs. Croupie coughs. So I thought my own bout of sinus drip was due more to lack of sleep and over taxed body. Logical yus?
Then last friday my ear started itching....never a good sign to one who had chronic ear infections. So I dropped in some earwax removal solution (sometimes it fixes everything) and it was okay, but the next day the itch was still there. So I dribbled in some hydrogen peroxide to kill any bacterias that could be up to no good.......LOTS of bubbles....kinda tickled......until it started to BURN. shock
run run run downstairs, warm up salt water in thermonuclear device and squirt it into said ear with infant booger sucker thing.

Ignore it for 2 more days

Feel itching start up again......Himself harrasses me into calling Doctor.
I really like my Doctor. He is funny and talks about all your symptoms, the medication choices, the side effects and all that. A good guy, and a rare find these days.
Well he looked at me, shook his head and asked me if I had driven myself in because he was rather suprized my balance wasn't completely off...............
Apparently both my ear drums are bulged out with yuck, completely impacted and infected, a quick look up my orafices discovered that all my sinus cavities were firmly impacted....he was curious as to how I was walking upright and was amazed that I was suffering no hearing loss.
I suppose its the old family genes kickin in, high pain tolerance an all.

So here I am today hopped up on 4 different medications. Its weird because now that I am diagnosed, I actually feel what he was talking about....where as before I could blame sore neck glands as a crik in the neck from sleeping funny........

Why oh why do I do this to myself?

Tea anyone?

Thank ya, I'd love a cuppa tea.

So......I go downstairs to get a cup of tea and ya know what I saw?

Popcorn. Everywhere. On the counters, table, floor. It was trailed all the way into the bathrooms and hall. The rabbits were loose and the chihuahua was chasing them. The Ebear was getting his groove on to some Audio Adrenaline, wearing sunglasses and his superman cape. The lil princess was flinging dog food and laughing maniacally, not unlike me right this moment.
All 3 older brothers, who were supposed to be supervising the young siblings, were outside riding skateboards and WATERING all the plants (our yard has been more like a pond for the last 3 weeks, WHY they thought the plants were dying of thirst I will never know).

I'm between aggrivation, laughter, and downright lunacy at this point, thank ya very much.

Where is my knitting?


Jess said...

We lead very similar lives, you know. Im sorry about the sickies. It sounds awful. You handle yourself so well.

Anonymous said...

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