Tuesday, March 20, 2007

KIP's , WIP's and CO crazies

Dude (said in best Hurley impersonation)

I have a lot of Works In Progress, Knits In Progress and yet, I'm itching to Cast On even more.
Whats up with that? Am I really so easily distracted that I need that knitters high of fresh projects? Fresh yarn, fresh abandonment of things half way done? I should be grounded to dishcloths for a month for this slacker behaviour.

My PhilosophersWool cardigan, which I LOVE but just wont work on without some solid blocks of uninterrupted time.
My Christmas gifts in progress, which comprise mostly of neat face cloths that I'm knitting in the car (only I never go anywhere so progress is a sad sad slow go)
My Log Cabin blankie, which is seeing some action, but come on, I been working on her since groundhogs day!
My socks *sigh* yall, I lost a completed hand knit sock. Can't find it anywhere, can't bear knitting the mate knowing the first is lost. waaaaaah
Kelley's knit clogs, which only need sewing up! And I should have sent them to her LAST OCTOBER. uhg.

Then there is the crossstitch projects that are clamouring for my attention. You know Himself's Christmas stocking I started working on last August? Yup, soooo not finished. The main haul of the work is done, its just detailing and some sewing, easy peasy, yet it langushes under the bed. Princess's stocking has not even been made....or A's........or Ebears.........aaaaaauuuugggghhhhhhhh
Yet when I go to cross stitch, all I can think of are the new things I want to stitch, and none of them have anything to do with Christmas.

My mommy quilt. This is a bed spread that will be made up of my kids baby/toddler clothes. My favorite tie dyed t-shirt that ALL my kids wore at one time, thats full of holes so It will have to be piece mealed around, all those kinds of fabrics, that mean so much to my memories. The kids could care less and don't even recall wearing the items, but thats why its a mommy memory quilt ;)

I am so not even going to THINK about the empty photo albulms and all the pictures in freakishly huge plastic boxes that need to go into said albulms. Its a good thing we don't really have closets I can hide stuff in because these pics would be the first to go. Unfortunately for me, my daughter will out grow her crib and one day I will no longer have all that space under her bed to squirrel stuff away in.

All of this, and yet here I sit at my portal to the world looking for ideas for the 9 pounds of cotton yarn coming to me from Little Knits. NINE pounds!
Himself was sitting here when I got the email that UPS had picked up my order and he looked at me like I was nuts. He said "9 pounds Dana?" and y'all, I could tell he was thinking it was time for me to go on a yarn diet. Honestly I know he is right and am putting myself back on the self control wagon, cause its easier if I put myself there than wait for him to pull a Dan on me. My rebellious nature will kick in, and I have access to pointy sticks, so we just don't need to go down THAT sordid path.
Subliminally he knows its safer if all my pointy sticks have yarn on them, and I think that was the only thing that stopped him from from taking away my debit card, but I ain't going to take any chances ;)

I need help yall. I need to just DO EET, get 'er done, roll with the tide on the flip side, knock these projects out 1-2-3, get some chips for my salsa, put salt in the guacamole, (I'm making up references for completeting things AND I get to procrastinate a wee bit longer), Dot my I's, cross my T's, wrap up my jot's and tittles (obscure Hebrew terminology), put my feet where my mouth is, pedal to the metal, run with the bulls, just go for it, crunch and munch time, put some warp to my woof,remake my bed, float my knitted boat, put the cheese on the cracker, finish a Christmas stocking by Easter, sew up the dang clogs already .......

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