Monday, March 12, 2007

Monday, the week after.......

Hi yall

We went to Cincy this last weekend, spent 4 days, and learned SO much about the place! Specifically, we learned the areas we do NOT want to live heheheheheeee no Ypsi repeat mistakes for this family, Lord willing! We met with Mark and Laura from the realty group and they were just fantastic. They presented us with a basket of Ohio goodies and directions to follow from home to home to get a real good feel for the area. The next day, after Himself went to check out the new facilities, he and I went gallivanting around while the babysitter (A's mom and stepdad) watched the kids terrorize the hotel. G said he'd like to just stay AT the hotel LOL. We discovered many things, not the least of which was where we do NOT want to raise the kiddos.
Saturday we spent with the delightful Lora* who took us about the better areas. Out of over 300 homes in contention, only 2 remain as possiblities! Its that crazy. One of those homes would be perfect, if not for the swimming pool. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm ALL for swimming, but I am only one woman, and have 5 children. Its physically impossible for me to keep my eyes on them all at once, and it would only take one time for disaster to strike with the younger two. Not worth the risk at any price.

Though I took several knitting projects with me, I only managed to get potholders and dishrags done LOL but knitting is knitting and soothes the stressed out soul. Looking forward to my little knits delivery today! Whoot!

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