Monday, March 5, 2007

Mon March 5

Well, not much to say today, but I'll try.

Last Friday was my birthday and I spent it amongst construction in the living room, and teaching knitting over in the tv room. The student, A's mom, gallantly tried, but I don't think she has quite caught the bug for yarnery goodness.
Saturday Himself took me on a dinner mystery train, and it was nothing short of a riot. We had a fantastic time and would totally do it again. I managed to figure out who the murderer was and got a kick out of it. We shared a table with another Lost fan couple heheheheheheee

On the knitting front, I finshed a dishrag(my car knitting)and got half of a new one done. Got messed up on the color rotation pattern of my log cabin, but am going with it. My Fair Isle sweater made some progress and over all, I'm just pleased as punch with it. Its not turning out nearly as bulky as I had feared so Yaaaay

Today I'm packing up the classroom a bit and then going to get back to knittin' while even more construction goes on in the living room. I am so tired of living in constant construction zone. No matter what you do, the house will always look cluttered, dusty and cramped. Enough already LOL

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