Thursday, March 29, 2007

Updates and stuff

Well its been a few days....well, quite a few days since my last update. Sorry about that.
Ebear and Princess have been rather coughy/croakie and its rubbed off on their mum. When my head is full of the yucks I am not overly inclined to type. You know how it is.
Anywho, I got my 9 pounds of cotton lovin' in the mail YAAAY and have been a knitting fool. Made Princess a shirt and am in the process of a bog jacket for her as well. I need, NEED more needles. My sizes are pretty limited and that is affecting my abilty to knit up stuff propertly. However, I got plenty for what I'm making for punkin and I'll be fine (ignore the quivering woman in the corner flinging chop sticks around looking for a 32' needle size 9.75)
Himself brought my Elizabeth Zimmerman book back home from my MIL's, I missed it. I'm going to put her other books on my wish list. The way she writes and allows a knitter to think for herself is brilliant.....even if she does make me do math.
My chocolate consumption has risen, and it makes me wonder about my self esteem. It seems that every single time I shed some weight, I start craving things that will put the fat back on. Why is that? Is my blubber a safety wall between me and the world? I think so. By typing this out there, I am here by declaring war on my psyche that is hurting my health. Take THAT. Muhuwahahahahahahahahaaaa

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