Monday, March 19, 2007

Loggin' goodness

Not too terribly much to post about. Been obsessive about "Lost" and my Log Cabin Blankie of Goodness. Listening to TheBlueThread and learning some good stuff. I'm pretty hypersensetive about just about everything religious. There are so many false teachers and people that call them selves Christians but their lives are the total opposite....well that bleeds over into my ability to do something new. Himself told me that this Sunday our church is doing a new thing called an "afterglow service"
I'll be totally honest, all I could think was "What the???"
My friend out west has told me to give it a chance and some scripture to back it up, make sure things are in line with scripture. He is the same friend that says my weird-o-meter is set pretty high. Not that its a bad thing, and really, I'm greatful to have a person I trust to go running to when something sounds fruity at church. I've believed in God my whole life, but I am such a baby Christian when it comes to really reading and understanding what the Bible tells me. Wild stuff. Crazy wild stuff.

Off to listen to more podcasts and knit knit knit

And finally post a picture update (thanks to Jessie for harrassing me into using my camera)

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Jess said...

You are OH so welcome. No thanks to you for passing along your impulse to knit 2342539506 projects at once.