Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I was amazed at 20/20

As I've blathered on before about, I've stopped watching TV. Just can't stomach the balonga anymore, know what I mean? Even my Lost addiction can't get me to tune in (I now watch the episode the next day on line).
Well color me suprised that the generally one sided/one opinion US news media actually did a report on EXACTLY why I homeschool my munchkins! Whoa! Not that it mentioned homeschooling as an option, but showed a good many of the reason I opt out of sending my kids into those places. Tres Neato.

You can watch it here if you want. Gonna look further into this John Stossel fellah.

On other news, specifically knitting news, today (I hope I hope I hope) my cotton will arrive from Little Knits and I can start my summer shrug.
Yes I know I still have to finish my PW cardigan, but yall know how it is. ;)

Today is the day my house loses the effluvient paper weight it has amassed over the last 3 years. Brand new paper shredder is greased and ready, file cabinet knows I mean business and is cowering in the corner. That bad mamba jamba will be on the curbside tonight and freecycled by morning. I'm guesstimating the weightloss will be around the *gulp* 500 pound mark. Yeep.

Which reminds me, I need to order more school supplies for the critters. A whole new curriculum actually now that middleschool has begun in earnest. Lots more regimentation than the elementary grades, but ciest la vie. I think we are going to try a year with ACE and see how it works for us.

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