Monday, April 2, 2007

Tote Exchange III

My dazzling white box of postal goodness arrived today!
and in it was a brilliant assortment of knitterly love.
But first the bag. PHOAR! I just love it! Yellows and purples just scream spring and I am so happy to have this bag to color up my wardrobe :-) It is the perfect size for a small knit project and a snack for the munchkin. So very happy with it Beth, I really am :-D
A stitch holder (how did that voodoo woman know I had just lost mine? I didn't even blog about it!) A large bar of Tranquility Lavender chocolate, which is by far and above my most favorite flowery herbally item ever in the whole world, Revolution tea assortment, can we all say ohhhhhahhhhhhhh!
Watermelon soap shaped like a popsicle BWAHAHAHAHAAA my 18 month old was mad as heck I wouldn't let her have a taste. Silly gal.
And last but far from l east, and enchanting little snap bag I think I'm going to put stitch markers into. Thank you Beth!


Jess said...

How FUN. I love the tote. The colors are awesome. I was thinking about the popsicle too, wondering, HOW did they mail that and It didnt melt?!?

Dana of the Pointy Sticked Clan said...

hehehehee it smells really nice too ;)